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The Uncut Super Dark Black/Silver Car Window Tint Film 50cm x 3m

The Uncut Super Dark Black/Silver Car Window Tint Film 50cm x 3m

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The Uncut Super Dark Black/Silver Car Window Tint Film 50cm x 3m

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Do you get overwhelmed by the driving conditions under the hot sun?
Or perhaps you are confused about whether you bought the ideal tint film that could achieve the desired shading effect?
Come on!AUXITO's upgraded window tinting film with multiple light transmission rates and fit for interior and car windows which is the perfect choice for you! This window film is available in two stylish colors black and silver, and in five common light transmission rates 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70% to meet the requirements of most regional traffic laws.
At the same time, installing windows tint will block harmful light from damaging your car and keep the interior of your car cooler. The long-lasting window tint film with excellent performance has many excellent features such as protecting the interior privacy and preventing the driver from feeling dizzy when driving in the hot sun. Let you experience a comfortable indoor temperature with a suitable bright driving environment and living environment!


All of the window tint film are suitable for universal cars and buildings.


Product Includes: Window film * 1, squeegee * 1, knife * 1 (color random)

Product specification: 50cm*3m

Light transmission rate: 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%

Color: Dark Black, Silver

Material: metalized window tint film

Installation location: front and rear windshields, windows, sunroofs, etc.

Suitable for models: general-purpose

Fitment: universal auto

Note: Since most areas do not allow vehicle tinted rear windows to have more than 15% opacity, what's more, it is important that you have to know the function of the film you are using and the laws in your local state and county about tint film for cars before you choose it.


  • Maintaining interior temperature. Window film can block the harmful UV rays caused by high temperatures so that the interior temperature is lower, and the air conditioning cooling effect is better. So, the car interior cooling system is more energy efficient
  • Superheat insulation. daytime and nighttime driving, the vision is still clear
  • Reduce the harm of UV rays to drivers and passengers and prevent dizziness
  • Intelligent protection. It has a good protection effect to prevent the impact of external objects and the glass surface from being damaged. Maintain the original color of the car
  • Easy installation. Uncut window film roll for your DIY cutting to fit your vehicle windows and your house transparent windows and doors


There are three different variants of the black car window tint film: 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70% transmittance. There are also dark black and silver for your car to choose from. The car window tint film you choose will depend on what effect you want to achieve in the car or room and how dark you’d like the space to feel.

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