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194 LED Bulb, 6000K White for Car LED Interior Light license plate light Kit

194 LED Bulb, 6000K White for Car LED Interior Light license plate light Kit

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194 LED Bulb, 6000K White for Car LED Interior Light license plate light Kit

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2 Years Warranty

For the vehicle's Dome light, Map light, or license plate light assemblies with reflectors, you'll get a bunch of different shadows if you use 194/168/T10 LED bulbs with chips designed for left and right orientation. Because bulbs that don't emit 360° light may have blind spots or black spots when placed in the reflector. Unless you like to have a spider web of cool light effects in the car.

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194 led bulbs



When you have this kind of trouble with increased visibility and safety, we suggest you choose the 24H series of T10 bulbs, which have 24 pieces of 3014 led chips on it, 360-degree lighting angle, no blind spot, at least 3 times brighter than stock 194 bulbs, super-bright bulbs brings your car a refreshed new look.


The heat of high-brightness T10 led bulbs will gradually increase during use, and the 24H series T10 LED bulbs are designed with a hollow inner body to ensure fast heat dissipation. The AVIATION aluminum material makes the bulb more rigid and can actually handle the heat from the bulb's operation.

If you have the space and just want the brightest option, nothing beats the 120LM/pcs 24H series high output LED bulbs!

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage 12V

  • power 2w/pc

  • 6000K xenon white

  • 240lm/pc

  • dimensions: 1 by 0.47 inches, net weight: 2g/pc.

  • Low power consumption for a longer lifespan

  • Fit Bulb Sizes: 168, 175, 194, 2825, W5W, T10. Easy to install, just plug and play. Canbus is error-free, with no error after installation for 99% of vehicles

  • Wide Application: AUXITO 168/194 led bulb can be used for license plate lights, map lights, dome lights, front/rear side marker lights, trunk cargo room lights, turn signal lights, reading lights, glove box lights, inner tail lights bulb, etc

Package Include

10*AUXITO 168/194 led bulb(5 pairs)

Important Notice

  1. Please check and confirm whether this bulb fits your car before purchasing

  2. If the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity)

  3. Can-bus error free for most vehicles, but the CANbus capability may be limited to the newest vehicles especially European vehicles when using them as exterior lights (such as for license plate lights, and parking lights)


Can you use any color LED license plate light bulb?
Please note that you are only legally allowed to use white license plate light. If you're worried about this, it's worth checking local laws before you purchase.

Why does my LED license plate light flicker?
The license plate light is a solid light that is either on or off. However, if you replace the LED license plate light bulb and there is a flickering problem. This is commonly due to a loose wire or connection that powers the license plate light. You can try to reconnect the LED license plate light bulb.

Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2023 Lexus GX 460
Huge difference

I’m not sure why a brand new expensive SUV doesn’t come equipped with interior lights as bright as these. So glad I swapped them out. They made an insane difference from the OEM dim yellow lights. Easy way to upgrade.

S. Lawrence
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2019 GMC Sierra
Good quality and bright

The bulbs are great. Work as proposed. Only issue I had was it said it fits the license plate, map lights, dome lights, etc. But only fits plate lights in my truck. That's the only reason for the 4 star. Now I have a 10 pack and only needed 2.

What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 elevation
194 LED Bulb, 6000K White

Love the product…

Brad Carlton
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2005 Tacoma
Exactly what I needed.

I'd replaced my interior and license plate LED lights with another brand. Three of them failed within a year. I switched over to auxito and I'm very pleased.

George Simpson ll
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : Toy Tacoma 2007
Driving lights


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