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194 LED Bulb White for Interior License Plate Dome Map Trunk Cargo Light Bulbs

194 LED Bulb White for Interior License Plate Dome Map Trunk Cargo Light Bulbs

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194 LED Bulb White for Interior License Plate Dome Map Trunk Cargo Light Bulbs

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No one really likes the yellowish lights on the Interior Kits, and the dim yellow light will make you turn on your phone's lighting specifically when you're looking for something in your car at night. Some lenses are "smoked'/dark-tinted before pulling down the interior map/dome lens. It also greatly reduces the brightness of the interior lighting. This is how they changed theirs to white LED interior lights.

But some people say all the light's Interior Kits are the same size and plug and play. This is a really common problem that people think, “Oh, whatever bulbs I buy are going to work”. Well, sometimes they find that even though it's the same model and the plugs fit, the larger size T10 LED bulbs will touch the plastic housing during installation for making it impossible to install, and no one likes to leave the bulbs exposed after installation. So you need something low profile.

How can the 14E series of T10 LED bulbs meet your need for interior light upgrades?


The 14E series 194/T10 LED bulbs are equipped with 14 pieces of 6000K~6500K white high illumination 2835 SMD LED. 360-degree lighting angle with huge brightness, no dark spots. It brings to your car a pure white super bright light output, 300% brighter than the original halogen lamp.


Almost the same size as stock 194 halogen bulbs. The thick plug design ensures the 2825 led lights fit tightly for all T10 wedge types, compatible with 194, 2825, 168, 161, 175, 174, W5W, etc. And this bulb is non-polarity design, plug and play. The flat design of the bulb makes it very easy to insert or pull out, tools are not required, just install it with your hands directly. Stay away from all kinds of installation problems!


Instant bright interior led light in your dome light, map light, parking light, door courtesy light, license plate tag light, trunk cargo light, and side marker light on your 12V cars or trucks.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Rex Loganbill
    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 1996 Peterbilt 379
    194 white led

    These lights worked amazing inside my truck gauges making the gauges far more brighter than they have ever been really changed the look of the gauge cluster

    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : Tesla model y

    The package was pretty darn nice for some bulbs and they’re super bright

    Steven Fields
    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2022 Toyota 4Runner
    Excellent Product

    I have the 194 LED bulb package for my 2022 4Runner. This fits my Map light, Door lights and my license plate lights. Overall, I am very pleased by the AUXITO bulbs and the performance that these lights provide. I am kind of a lighting snob; I enjoy the color and output of LED bulbs and the cool temperatures when being used. Typically, when I get a new vehicle, I search for interior and exterior LED upgrades. I noticed when I was uninstalling my factory bulbs, they were very hot to the touch. The AUXITO bulbs are very cool to the touch and hardly put off any heat. An additional thing I noticed; some LEDs can be too bright in certain situations when you're driving at night. Your vision can be washed out if your passenger turns on the map light while driving. I didn't find this to bother me at all during night driving, the brightness felt about right. I liked the added light I received from the door, the factory door bulbs are basically useless and doesn't put off any usable light. The AUXITO license plate bulbs put off a cleaner, white color, the factory bulbs are a dull yellow shade. I really struggle with those factory amber colored bulbs with hardly any light output. All in all, AUXITO makes a very quality bulb with an excellent balance of color choice.

    Aditi Zachariah
    2021 Honda Accord

    2021 Honda Accord ..All interior lights and trunk.. These bulbs are great. You definitely want these.

    Velda Lowe
    Great Company Great Product

    No complaints

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