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Universal T, U, D-Shaped, and Five-Hole Rubber Car Window Stripping

Universal T, U, D-Shaped, and Five-Hole Rubber Car Window Stripping

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Universal T, U, D-Shaped, and Five-Hole Rubber Car Window Stripping

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Does your car have poor cooling and heating effects, the noise outside the car, or water entering on rainy days? If this is the case, you need to install a car window weather stripping on your car. Automotive weather strippings with five different specifications and styles selected by our team solve the poor sealing problem perfectly. The T, U, D-shaped, and Five-hole design makes the fit better, insulation, and sealing better. The increased thickness makes it compatible with more car models. Besides, you can buy the size you need according to your needs, it can be bent and cut at will, and it is easy to store.


Suitable for universal vehicles.


  • The shape design of T-shaped, U-shaped, D-shaped, and five-hole-shaped window weather stripping fit the gap of the car well, improves the sealing performance of the whole vehicle, improves the cooling, heating, and sound insulation effects of air conditioning, and provides a comfortable driving experience.

(The five-hole sealing strip is made of double-layer thickened material, and the sealing effect is better.)

  • High-quality rubber material, with good flexibility, stretch resistance, cold and heat resistance, aging resistance, and durability.
  • A U-shaped steel sheet is built into the U-shaped steel sheet sealing strip, which can be better fixed during installation, no need to paste, and the quality of anti-collision and buffering is better.
  • Improve vehicle dustproof and waterproof performance
  • Easy to Install-Not need adhesive. The push-on trim seal allows for a fast installation and creates a finished edge seal that is durable and protects against the elements. ( T-shaped sealing strip is double-faced belt fixed)


Application: Increased sealability

Mounting position: car gate, box glass, after box, towing door, etc., according to individual needs

T-shaped sealing strip 3M

Product inclusion: 3M seals*1

Product shape: T-shaped

Material: Rubber

Product width: 19mm

Installation: double-faced belt fixed

U-shaped steel piece sealed strip 3M, 5M

Product option: side U-shaped 3M sealed strip*1 (internal steel piece) / U-shaped 5 M sealed strip*1 (internal steel piece)

Product shape: side U-shaped, U-shaped

Product material: superior rubber + steel piece

Five-hole sealed strip 5M

Product inclusion: 5 rice seals*1

Product shape: five-hole type

Product material: rubber

Product size: 13*12mm

D-shaped sealed strip 5M

Shape: D-shaped

Product inclusion: 5 rice seals*1

Material: EPDM rubber

Face size: 0.39*0.43inch


This link includes five different types of non-identical car window weather stripping, separate T-shaped sealing strips, side U-shaped strip sealing strips, U-shaped strip sealing strips, five-hole sealing strips, and D-shaped sealing strips.

You can choose to buy according to different seal specifications and characteristics. Based on the demand of individuals, it is possible to meet the needs of various regions, such as the sealed-armored gate, the window glass, the box, and the door.


  1. Before installation, constant cleaning required
  2. When set up, the action is slow and flexible, the key point is to apply pressure and stick to it.
  3. After set-up, no need to wash the car in 3 days, and no need to open the car within 24 hours
  4. After completing the installation with caution, the gate is acceptable.

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