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Universal Protective Car Door Strips-Automotive Anti-Collision Strips and Anti Scratch Scuff Stickers

Universal Protective Car Door Strips-Automotive Anti-Collision Strips and Anti Scratch Scuff Stickers

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Universal Protective Car Door Strips-Automotive Anti-Collision Strips and Anti Scratch Scuff Stickers

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Are there any problems such as long-term stepping, scratches, and collisions on the door sills, bumpers, door edges, and other parts of your car? In the long run, it will affect appearance of the car and increase the cost of repairs. Therefore, our team tailor-made protective car door strips in various sizes of anti-scratch tapes and anti-collision strips for your car can solve the problems of various long-term common parts of the car and upgrade and protect your car!

The upgraded anti-scratch tape and anti-collision strip can be bent and cut arbitrarily into various sizes, and the sticking and replacement will not damage the original car paint. You don't need to worry about whether the installation will affect the exterior or interior appearance of the car. These car door sill protectors are made of high-quality rubber material and carbon fiber appearance, which can add luster to your car after pasting!


Universal fits for most cars, trucks.


【HIGH QUALITY】The car door edge protection strips are made of rubber with wear-resistant, bendable, and strong flexibility. It can also be used to cover any existing scratches, paint damage, and decorative protection.

【Easy to Install and Remove】Clean the surface mount position, then peel off the strong tape protective film and paste. Easily to remove without residue without damaging the painted surface of your vehicle.

【Durable & Flexible】Waterproof and stain resistant, easily cleansed with water, UV protected, long service life. The rubber door bumper protector is freely deformable and freely cut.

【Wide Applications】Bright carbon fiber trim and anti-collision for door sill placement. It can be used for car body decoration, car door sill strip anti-scratch, welcome pedal protection, rear view mirror anti-scratch, trunk guard anti-scratch, car corner anti-scratch, etc.


Product Includes: Anti Scratch Scuff Sticker*1 / Anti-Collision Strips *1 (with adhesive on the back)

Product options:

Anti Scratch Scuff Sticker---3cm*3m, 7cm*3m, 10cm*3m

Anti-Collision Strips---2m*3cm, 2m*3cm (carbon fiber + red)

Color: carbon fiber / carbon fiber + red

Material: High Quality Rubber Material

Suitable for models: universal

Installation location: doors, door sills, front and rear bumpers, etc.

Product function: decoration, anti-scratch, protection of the body


This link includes a variety of carbon fiber protective car door strips of anti-scratch tapes and bumpers in different sizes and colors, according to your needs, you can choose different colors and sizes to DIY your car inside and outside, to achieve the effect you desire.


  1. Find the correct install position
  2. Clean the surface of the Installation position to ensure that it's clean and has no oil, grease, and wax, and so on.
  3. Pace the item in the exact position carefully, paste the trim, and press it to ensure good adhesion.
  4. Please do not wash your car within 24 hours for better bond strength.

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