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Universal Aluminum Bullet Antenna AM/FM Antenna Accessories

Universal Aluminum Bullet Antenna AM/FM Antenna Accessories

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AUXITO's upgraded bullet antenna is made of solid 6061 aluminum, which is 5 times more conductive than steel, and the signal reception is stronger! The 14*1.9cm short antenna design reduces your car's resistance during operation. Using waterproof and sturdy materials, the chance of damage to the antenna by external forces is reduced. So you don't need to worry about scratches and discoloration from long-term outdoor exposure.

This bullet antenna accessory provides six different types of screws, which are suitable for installation on most models on the market. Use proper screws to make the antenna more stable and not easy to loosen.


Suitable models: general purpose

Product packaging: plastic box packaging

The product includes: Bullet Antenna*1, Screw*6, Gasket*2

Colour: Black

Material: high-quality solid 6061 aluminum

Product size: 14*1.9cm

Product function: mainly appearance decoration

Antenna Technology: AM/FM Antenna

Placement on Vehicle: Fender, Front, Right


  1. Special bullet shape and compact appearance, stronger AM/FM signal, better resistance to wind and resistance, and more durability.
  2. Solid 6061 Aluminum Alloy material makes it waterproof and durable, not easy to wear. Black hard anodizing that will not chip or fade.
  3. Equipped with 6 different types of screws, basically satisfying various models on the market
  4. Easy to install, making the car look cool


  • STEP1: Remove the original antenna from your vehicle
  • STEP2: 6 screws to choose from for the perfect fit
  • STEP3: Screw in tightly. The screw will be safe and secure
  • STEP4: Screw on the end of the antenna and enjoy


  • The bullet antenna is fixed to the antenna base of the car by screws. The kit includes several different types of screws. So, you can select suitable screws to fix for the most stable installation effect.
  • This antenna accessory does not include a base, you need to confirm that your car has a base for the antenna before installing it.

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