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Universal Automotive Decals Exterior Accessories for Car Wheel Rim, Taillight, Car Door Handle

Universal Automotive Decals Exterior Accessories for Car Wheel Rim, Taillight, Car Door Handle

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You definitely want to give your car a unique style look! Then don't miss out on our body exterior sticker. Our team has created three kinds of automotive decals for different parts of the car body, which can give your car's Wheel rim, Taillight, and door handle cup the coolest color and style without hurting the paint.

Wheel rim stickers with reflective effects give your car an attractive and eye-catching look at high speeds. Honeycomb taillight stickers made of high-quality PVC material, make your car taillights more integrated with the body color, and will not affect the shape even if it is used at a high bulb temperature. Applying door handle stickers will protect your door handle cup from scratches due to frequent use.

What are you waiting for, come and choose automotive decals to create your own car look!


Compatible with universal veihcle.


Wheel Rim Stickers:

【Quality Materials】 these wheel rim decals are made of reflective PVC material, which is waterproof and windproof, can resist rain erosion and sunlight, does not easy to fade, has good adhesion, does not easy to fall, and can be applied for a long time

【Easy Installation】 The automotive decals are easy to install and remove. The back of the sticker has adhesive. They will not leave traces when it is removed, and will not affect your car paint

Honeycomb Taillight Tint Stickers:

【Cool Honeycomb Graphic】 Universal car tail light stickers for both left and right side scans make the car looks more cool and attractive.

【High-quality material】 Honeycomb Taillight Tint Stickers are made of high-quality vinyl, anti-crack, durable, and never fade under the extreme weather condition.

【Easy to remove】 Honeycomb Taillight Tint Sticker is easy to be cleared and will not leave the glue in your car. Stickers can be heated properly by a hair dryer, and the back adhesive will be soft to be removed.

Door Handle Stickers:

【Water Resistant and Durable】You can still wash your car with water by putting on our car door handle stickers. In addition, it is very easy and convenient to remove and will leave no damage or residue on the surface.

【Material】 The use of high-quality carbon fiber self-adhesive, can maintain performance under extreme temperature ranges from -40°F to 212°F to provide strong protection against heat, rain, snow; It will not fall off, fade, crack or deform, no matter the hot summer or the cold winter.


Wheel Rim Stickers:

Products include: Wheel Rim Stickers * 6 (generally 4 for a car, 2 extra for spare)

Product color: red

Product function: decorative effect

Installation location: wheel rim location

Applicable models: The spacing between the spokes of the hub should be greater than 3 inches

Honeycomb Taillight Tint Stickers:

Product Include: Honeycomb Taillight Tint Sticker *1

Product color: black

Product size: width 30cm, length 48cm

Installation location: generally installed in car taillights

Function: similar to lamp film, decorative effect

Door Handle Stickers:

Product includes: Door Handle Sticker *4

Material: high quality PVC

Color: carbon fiber

Size: 9.5*8.5cm

Installation location: door handle outside the car

  1. It can prevent the door and bowl from being scratched and protect the surface paint
  2. Pre-cut into door bowl shape, easy to install, suitable for most models


This link contains three universal exterior automotive decals, namely wheel rim stickers, honeycomb taillight tint stickers, and door handle stickers. Different colors and different mounting areas of the stickers can give your car a unique look. Note that the wheel stickers are suitable for vehicles with a spacing between wheel spokes greater than 3inch.


  1. Before pasting the sticker, wipe the surface clear to ensure adhesion.
  2. After installation, do not wash the car within 7days

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