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Black Universal Antenna Toppers Waterproof PVC Rubber Retrofit Antenna for Vehicles

Black Universal Antenna Toppers Waterproof PVC Rubber Retrofit Antenna for Vehicles

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Black Universal Antenna Toppers Waterproof PVC Rubber Retrofit Antenna for Vehicles

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Are you still worried about which antenna to choose to retrofit to receive stronger wireless signals?

Or are you still worried that the car's external antenna is vulnerable to damage from external influences?

Our team has selected for you this upgraded version of the classic rod car universal antenna in a variety of looks and six different lengths for the largest selection of cars. And this car universal antenna has a super chip and the blessing of pure copper material, which makes it have super signal reception characteristics and is not easy to be interfered with by signals. Therefore, the signal received by the car is more stable. The exterior of the antenna is made of high-quality rubber, which allows the car antenna toppers to have excellent toughness and flexibility to last in all weather conditions.


Fit for universal cars.

Tips: When purchasing a replacement car antenna, you need to pay attention to the 4.7-inch antenna, which requires the original car to have an antenna-mounted base.


Material: External Rubber, Internal Copper

Product option & size:

  • 4inch top with triple loop antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*7/ Black Spacer*2
  • 7inch spiral antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*7
  • 1.4inch antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*4/ Black Spacer*2
  • 3inch antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*4/ Black Spacer*2
  • 4.7inch antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*4/ Black Spacer*2
  • 6.75inch antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*7
  • 7inch antenna with antenna*1/Screw*7/ Black Spacer*2
  • 9inch antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*4
  • 16inch antenna with antenna*1/ Screw*4

Color: Black

Product function: Replace the original car parts, decorate the vehicle, more stable reception of wireless signals


  1. Great reception: Super chip and pure copper material wire support, so that the antenna has strong signal reception characteristics. The different antenna lengths will improve radio reception. The signal received by the car is more stable.
  2. Flexible mast: The external part of the car antenna is made of flexible quality rubber, proving lasting durability in all weather conditions.
  3. Easy installation: The replacement antenna is easy to install by hand in 30 seconds.
  4. Waterproof: This car antenna supports automatic and manual car washing. Never break and fade. It is firmly fixed and stable during use to prevent loosening.
  5. Meet the needs of various models on the market: suitable for cars, trucks, tractors, hatchbacks, SUVs, and campers.
  6. Upgrade your car: With the universal antenna, your car looks more stylish and sporty.


We offer car roof antennas in 9 sizes and styles for the most common auto models. There is a 4-inch top with a triple loop antenna, a 7-inch spiral antenna, a 1.4-inch antenna, a 3-inch antenna, a 4.7-inch antenna, a 6.75-inch antenna, a 7-inch antenna, a 9-inch antenna, and a 16-inch antenna.


You can choose different lengths of the universal antennas according to your requirements for the appearance of your car, and they can be placed at different positions on the top of the car. We recommend that if you use the antenna for off-road vehicles or campers, you should choose a longer length to help you receive better signals in the field.

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