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20PCS 0.75inch Round LED Side Marker Light With Stainless Chrome Bezel Cover for Truck Trailer

20PCS 0.75inch Round LED Side Marker Light With Stainless Chrome Bezel Cover for Truck Trailer

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20PCS 0.75inch Round LED Side Marker Light With Stainless Chrome Bezel Cover for Truck Trailer

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Time to add the Round LED Side Marker Light With Stainless Chrome Bezel Cover to your truck!

Heavy-duty work vehicles need a sufficient number and brightness of identification lights to ensure the safety of driving on the road at night. Peripheral driving can predict the type of approaching vehicles in advance according to the number and range of identification lights, and control the deceleration and distance between vehicles.

This AUXITO LED side marker light has 3 brighter beams on each light than others and is easily noticeable even when driving in fog, rain, snow, or night. It can improve the safety of driving at night or on rainy days. Instead of the usual plastic case, this side marker light has a chrome-plated shell with an upgraded appearance. The aperture of the shell has a better reflective effect, is waterproof and durable, and can strengthen the plastic lamp shell, prolonging the service life of the lamp. Easy to install in 0.75-inch holes and anywhere you want!


Models used: Universal, Pickups, Truck Trailers, SUVs and Boat, etc.

Product option: (each light with 2 screws)

  1. Red light*10, Yellow light*10
  2. Yellow light*20
  3. White light*20
  4. Red light*20
  5. Blue light*20
  6. Green light*20

Number of LEDs: single 3LED

Lamp diameter: 0.75inch

Luminou: 80LM

Material: PC Lens Silicone Rubber Base + 304 Stainless Chrome Bezel Cover

Suitable voltage: 12V voltage

Waterproof grade: IP67

Service life: 50000+ hours

Light shell color: Red light with a red shell, yellow light with a yellow shell, white light with a transparent shell, blue light with a blue shell, green light with a green shell

Wiring: 2 wires

Uses: Can be used as signal lights, tail lights, and running lights, to improve driving safety

A High-Quality and Stylish Trailer Side Marker Lights

High-Quality Materials: These Side Marker Lights are made of ABS plastic material, adding 304 stainless steel rings on the original basis. Therefore, the waterproof performance and sealing are better.

High Brightness and Low Energy Consumption: each lamp has three high brightness, low power, and current draw- long life LEDs.

Widely Used: 3/4" (0.75inch) Mini Round Truck Side Marker Lights with the widely used fit for most of the vehicles, such as Heavy Duty Trucks, Semi Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Boat Trailers etc.

Easy to Install: It adopts a two-wire connection and screw mounting, which is simple and firm.

Wire Connection

There are 2 wires for each light.

(For example yellow side marker lights have yellow and black wires. Different color lights have corresponding color wires connected to the positive pole)

  • Black line connects to the negative(-)
  • Yellow line connects to the positive(+) for yellow light
  • Red line connects to the positive(+) for the red light
  • White line connects to the positive(+) for white light
  • Blue line connects to positive(+) for blue light
  • Green line connects to the positive(+) for the green light


The side marker lights of this chrome shell are universal, and you can also choose different colors and quantities of lights according to the decoration needs of the body to create the most unique car appearance.

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