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LED Map Light Bulb for 2000-2010 Ford F-250

LED Map Light Bulb for 2000-2010 Ford F-250

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Code: AUX20

Bulb Size: 211-2/578/41MM

LED Map Light Bulb for 2000-2010 Ford F-250

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It's time to light up your nights while getting exceptional lighting in the cabin of your 2000-2010 Ford F250 with the AUXITO LED Map Light. High quality 6K series 41MM LED map light replacement bulbs are brighter than original bulbs! Not only will this improve the quality of your interior lights, but your overall look as well. These 41MM replacement map lights are wired for 12 volt operation, and each comes with a custom connector for your vehicle for easy plug and play installation. No need for any additional wiring tools.

Each of these LED map bulbs produces 6,000K of bright light. Not only are these dome bulbs designed for brightness, they are also long-lived with over 50,000 hours of continuous use. So upgrade your car's interior today for superior performance and visibility at night with the brightest map light upgrade ever!



With a Flat-head screwdriver, you can easily remove the original halogen lamp and replace it with a 41MM LED bulb. CANBUS error free for 2000-2010 Ford F250 and the upgrade is done in ten minutes!


Each 578 Festoon LED Bulb has 6 pcs 3030 LED chips on it, 3030 SMD led chip provides the highest luminous efficiency compared to the other SMD led chips in the market. Ideal for people who are looking for extremely bright leds


All aluminum body designed for better heat dissipation, with a much longer lifespan. Built-in intelligent constant current IC driver and wide voltage for quality performance.


These 578 Festoon LED bulbs can be used for the 2000-2010 Ford F250's map light.


Power: 2w/bulb

Voltage: DC 12V

LED Type: 3030 LED chips

Color: 6000K xenon white

dimensions: 0.47inch in width, 1.61inch in length


Vehicle: 2000-2010 Ford F250

Application: Map Light

Bulb Size: 211-2/578/41MM

Series: 6K

Other Options

578 KT - View More

  • 2 times brighter than stock
  • Non-polar spring compact design
  • No polarity

578 6P - View More

  • ● DC 10-24V, power: 2.5W/PC, 6000K Xenon White
  • ● Built-in intelligent IC driver
  • ● 1:1 design with the original halogen bulb

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