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Car Stainless Steel Muffler Tip Exhaust Pipe Modification, Straight Pipe

Car Stainless Steel Muffler Tip Exhaust Pipe Modification, Straight Pipe

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Car Stainless Steel Muffler Tip Exhaust Pipe Modification, Straight Pipe

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Are you worried that your car tailpipe is wearing due to long-term exhaust use, or are you not satisfied with the appearance of the muffler? Our team provides you with an upgraded version of the muffler tip exhaust pipe to provide your car with a beautiful and high-quality muffler exhaust pipe that protects your tailpipe from deformation and damage caused by external influences and damage. Compared with the exhaust pipe at the muffler tip of the single pipe, the dual exhaust pipe can achieve a larger exhaust volume, which can meet your high requirements on the exhaust volume treatment of the exhaust pipe. Adding decoration to the car muffler tip exhaust pipe like this can increase the service life of the auto parts.


Fit for the universal cars which use the dual straight exhaust pipe.

Tips: The style is selected according to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. If the exhaust pipe is straight, the straight type can be selected. If the exhaust pipe is bend, you can choose the bend type to avoid inappropriate after purchase.


  1. Protect your original tailpipes. The rear muffler tip exhaust pipe effectively protect your tailpipe from dust, rain, and rocks, and also prevent it from deformation and damage.
  2. Installing a car muffler tip exhaust pipe can increase or decrease the noise of the exhaust, thereby adding a unique acoustic effect.
  3. High-quality stainless steel, anti-corrosive, corrosion resistance, durable
  4. Gradient baked blue look for a sportier look to the car
  5. Easy to install, no need for drilling or welding, screw mounting, stable and firm
  6. The adjustable outer diameter range of the muffler tip exhaust pipe makes the installation more flexible and suitable for a wider range of models


Product packaging: carton packaging

Included: 1 * car exhaust tailpipe

Material: stainless steel

Product color: baked blue

Model: Straight, dual muffler tip

Installation location: car exhaust pipe

Product function: decorative vehicle

Product size: import 6.3cm (2.5inch), export single tube 6.3cm (2.5inch), dual tube 9.7cm ( 3.8inch), total length 7.7cm ( 3inch)

The long side length is 9.7cm (3.8inch), short side length is 7.6cm (3inch)

Suitable range: fit exhaust pipe with a diameter of 4cm-7cm(1.4inch-2.5inch)

Applicable models: universal car

Note :
1. The distance between the tailpipe and the bumper should be above 2cm to avoid scalding by the hot exhaust bumper.
2. Wear gloves to install, just in case of injury.
3. In the car just stopped or started, please do not install this product, to avoid being scalded.

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