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7443 LED Bulb Amber Yellow 7440, 7443, 7444, W21W, WY21W AUXITO LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs Blinker Parking Side Marker Lights

7443 LED Bulb Amber Yellow 7440, 7443, 7444, W21W, WY21W AUXITO LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs Blinker Parking Side Marker Lights





7443 LED Bulb Amber Yellow 7440, 7443, 7444, W21W, WY21W AUXITO LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs Blinker Parking Side Marker Lights

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If you are looking to replace your vehicle's 3157 or 7443 parking light, brake light, or turn signal light bulb with an LED, you may want to consider checking first if the socket type in your vehicle is standard and CK. CK is also known as SCK, SACK or SRCK

What is the difference between the Standard and CK style socket on the turn signal light bulb? The position of the ground contacts in the socket is the only difference. Externally they look identical. If you use the wrong type of LED turn signal light bulb, i.e. the standard LED in the CK socket, there will be situations where the LEDs will not work properly or worse, for example, they will blow the fuse that protects that specific lighting circuit. So when buying turn signals you may need to confirm the socket type by checking the original bulb socket or using a digital multimeter.

To solve such a problem, the AUXITO design team offers customers an LED turn signal light bulb compatible with both U.S. standard and CK sockets, eliminating the need for complicated testing to confirm whether your vehicle's sockets are standard or CK when replacing exterior lights on the 7443 models. To provide you with a more convenient and error-free purchase!

Top Features

  • Plug & play, easy to install

Small size comparable to OEM turn signal bulbs Non-polarity, applied to US standard and CK sockets. Fits: 992, 7440, 7441, 7443, 7442, 7444, W21W, WY21W, 7440NA, 7444NA, etc socket

  • 360° high luminous efficiency

Resembling shape design of halogen turn signal bulbs and sequencing 54 4014-SMD LED chips precisely around the bulbs. Provides 360° high luminous efficiency and full amber light with no blind spots. The brighter amber turn signal lights are much easier noticed and much safer for driving.

  • Energy Saving | No radio interference

5.5W per bulb. Only 1/4 energy consumption of the original turn signal bulbs but 2 times brighter. And the turn signals built-in smart IC driver ensures constant current and no radio interference. Plus instant-on capability with zero warm-up time for quick turn signal response, ensuring other drivers know what you're doing with your turn quickly.

  • High heat dissipation

LED turn signal bulbs designed with electroplating process housings provide increased oxidation resistance and produce less heat. The high-grade shape of the led turn signal bulbs matches great in the assembly. Ideal replacement for your halogen turn signal light bulbs.

halogens vs AUXITO vs others


Color: Amber Yellow

Working Voltage: DC9V-16V (Fits 12V Vehicles)


Power: 5.5W

LED Chip Type:54 pieces 4014 SMD

Application: Used for upgrading stock dim 7443/7440 turn signal light rear/front, side maker light, etc.

Important Notice:

Please double-check your owner manual or the stock lamp to confirm the correct bulb size before purchasing. If you are not sure, please ask a question with your model on 'Customer questions & answers

For a few vehicles, an extra 50W 6-ohm load resistor/flash relay may be required to avoid the error code or hyper flash issue.



  • Customer service within 24 hours on business days
  • Shipment within 48 hours
  • 30 days return and exchange
  • Two-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Ken Hausauer
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat
Nice bulb, not nice hyper flash.

Bright front signal bulb, great price, easy install, but, it hyper flashes. I assumed it wouldn’t. Un useable without a resistor.

What is your vehicle's year, make and model : Forester 2020
Still needs a resistor

The brightness is fine, not dazzling. Wattage is low which is also great. The other auxito turn signals are just too bright and dazzling other drivers. But this will need a resistor for my 2020 forester. I hope auxito would manufacture an led turn signal that is not too bright and that will have a built in resistor. I’ve bought 3 different pairs of led turn signals from auxito and nothing really worked fine. Either they are too dazzling and high wattage, or hyperflashing. The one from superiorvision australia, is only 5watts and has a built in resistor which is good but the color is not amber enough and too bright as wel.

Sai Hora
Great brightness

Easy to install

Janet Peter
Not great for offroad vehicles

I initially really like these cheap bulbs, but I just ordered replacements, because I thought a bulb had burned out, but it turned out it fell out. I put them in my 19 tacoma and they are a little heavy for an offroad rig. I don't see any way the manufacturer could have made the attach any better, so I don't blame them, the product is good, just not for offroad. I'm going to try electrical tape to add some bonding power.

Wendy Stewart

Great thanks

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