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Volkswagen Jetta Bulb Size Guide

When you need to replace the headlight, turning signal or parking light bulb on your Volkswagen Jetta, finding out what the replacement size you need can be a time consuming task. Whether you want to replace your headlamp bulb with a HID (High Intensity Discharge) Headlight Kit, Xenon Headlamp Kit or replace your interior lighting bulbs with LED bulbs, Light Emitting Diode bulbs or SMD bulbs, we’re here to help you with your Volkswagen Jetta light bulb sizing needs.
The AUXITO staff has taken all its Volkswagen Jetta headlight bulb replacement guide, Volkswagen Jetta light bulb sizing guides, Volkswagen Jetta light bulb replacement guides and cataloged them online for use by our visitors for free. Our Volkswagen Jetta light bulb guides allow you to easily replace light bulbs, replace headlight bulb, change a broken lightbulb, install a hid headlight conversion or install led light bulbs instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out which light bulb sizes in your Volkswagen Jetta.

Feel free to use any Volkswagen Jetta light bulb sizing that is listed on AUXITO but keep in mind that all information here is provided as is without any warranty of any kind. Use of the Volkswagen Jetta replacement bulb size information is at your own risk. Always verify all light bulb sizes, bulb voltage usage and bulb wattage before applying any information found here to your Volkswagen Jetta.

Volkswagen Jetta Light Bulb Sizing Chart:

Low Beam Headlight Bulb Size: 9003 or 9003 HID Upgrade Kit
Low Beam Headlight Bulb Size (HID Headlights): HID-D3S
High Beam Headlight Bulb Size: 9003 or 9003 HID Upgrade Kit
High Beam Headlight Bulb Size (HID Headlights): HID-D3S
Parking Light Bulb Size: 7443
Parking Light Bulb Size (HID Headlights): LED
Daytime Running Light Bulb Size: 7506
Daytime Running Light Bulb Size (HID Headlights): LED
Fog Light Bulb Size: H8 or H8 HID Upgrade Kit or H8 LED Upgrade Kit
Cornering Light Bulb Size: H7 or H7 HID Upgrade Kit or H7 LED Upgrade Kit
Front Turn Signal Light Bulb Size: 7507
Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb Size: N/A
Front Sidemarker Light Bulb Size: 2825
Front Sidemarker Light Bulb Size (HID Headlights): LED
Rear Side Marker Light Bulb Size: LED
Tail Light Bulb Size: N/A
Reverse Tail Light Bulb Size: 921
Brake Light Bulb Size: 7443
High Mount Brake Light Bulb Size: LED
Adaptive Stop Light Bulb Size: N/A
Ashtray Light Bulb Size: N/A
Automatic Transmission Indicator Light Bulb Size: N/A
Brake Warning Light Bulb: N/A
Check Engine Indicator Light Bulb: N/A
Console Light Bulb Size: N/A
Directional Signal Indicator Light Bulb: N/A
Dome Light Bulb Size: N/A
Door Mirror Light Bulb Size: 2886X
Door Panel Light Bulb Size: N/A
Footwell Light Bulb Size: N/A
Glove Box Light Bulb Size: 2821
Hi-Beam Indicator Light Bulb: N/A
HVAC/Temperature Light Bulb Size: N/A
Instrument Light Bulb Size: N/A
License Plate Light Bulb Size: LED
Map Light Bulb Size: 2825
Puddle Light Bulb Size: N/A
Rear Reading Light Bulb Size: 6428
Roof Marker Light Bulb Size: N/A
Seat Belt Indicator Light Bulb: N/A
Step/Courtesy Light Bulb Size: 2821
Trunk/Cargo Area Light Bulb Size: 6411
Under Hood Light Bulb Size: N/A
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb Size: 6418

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