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Know about Dual-Beam and Single-Beam Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Recently, one of our customers brought our attention to dual-beam and single-beam headlight bulbs, he was wondering if an AUXITO 9006 LED bulb could work for low and high beams on his Toyota Camry 2006.

Dual beam VS. Single Beam

So what’s the difference between dual beam headlight bulbs and single beam headlight bulbs? What bulbs are single beams and what bulbs are dual beams? Should you choose single beam or dual beam LED bulbs when buying LED headlight bulbs?

In this guide, we will be answering all those questions.


The easiest way to tell is that if the bulb is a single beam, then there is only one filament in the bulb, and only emits one beam of light at a time. If the bulb is a dual beam, it has two filaments one to create a light beam for the lows and a second to create a beam for the highs.
Single Beam Dual Beam Next, we use a chart to distinguish the single-beam and dual beam.
  Single Beam Dual Beam
Number of filaments One Two
Function Only low beam OR high beam Low & high beam
Headlight housing Need two bulbs Only need one bulb
Bulb Pins Two Three
Models H11, 9005, 9006, 9012, H7, H1, H3 H4, H13, 9004, 9007
(The above is only for the general case, we will mention the special case next)


Single-beam headlights do not mean only one bulb, which is probably a misconception for many people.

The single beam headlight bulb has a single function, one bulb creates only one beam. So single-beam headlights work with two bulbs -- one for low beam and one for high beam. If you want to replace both low and high beams, you will need two single beam headlight bulbs. Single Beam Headlight System So we can answer the customer's question at the beginning of the article regarding this customer’s question, a Toyota Camry 2006 has single beam headlights, it takes 9006 bulbs for low beam and 9005 bulbs for high beam, so AUXITO 9006 LED bulb works for his low beam only, he needs another 9005 LED bulb for high beam.


The dual beam headlight bulb can create dual beam patterns, only one bulb is needed per headlight housing. The dual beam headlight system uses only one bulb to switch between high and low beams. Dual Beam Headlight System


1. In rare cases, a single-beam bulb performs for both high and low beams in the headlight assembly. The reason is a movable housing or a mechanism that shifts the position of the light source, such as a shutter unit.
When the low beam is on, the shutter will block a portion of the single beam, allowing the headlights to project a portion of the light as the low beam. When the high beam is turned on, the shutter will open, allowing the single beam bulb to project more light and see farther, i.e., have a high beam function. For example, the H7, 9012 model bulb may be used in this case. 

2. We just mentioned that normal dual-beam headlights have only one pair of bulbs, one on the driver's side and another on the passenger's side. However, there are some models that require two pairs of dual beam bulbs to provide more light, such as the Ford F250. But this does not mean that one dual beam headlight bulb only works on the low beam or only on the high beam. When the low beam function is turned on, the low beam filaments in all four bulbs are energized and function as low beams.


After getting tired of dim halogen lights, most people will opt for brighter and more energy-efficient LED bulbs for vehicle lighting. It is important to note that when choosing LED bulbs, you also need to follow the principle of single-beam and dual-beam headlight bulbs.
Although LED lights are a different technology than halogen lights, that doesn't mean they do not play by the same rules. With a single beam halogen bulb, we still need a single beam LED. With a dual-beam halogen bulb, we still need a dual-beam LED.
If you try to save money by buying a dual beam bulb for your single beam headlight system, it simply will not work.
Then maybe a customer will say, "I'm sure there is a single beam bulb, I just need to choose a single beam LED headlight bulb."
No, that is not how that works. Each assembly has its own specific bulb size and headlight mechanism. Before replacing a bulb, you have to find out what bulb model is used in your vehicle. This is because each model of bulb differs not only from a single beam to a dual beam but also from a connector and a chuck.
If you want to know which bulbs fit your vehicle, you can look up the model owner's manual or use the AUXITO Bulb Finder.
However, this method does not apply if you have replaced the headlight assembly or modified your car. In this case, you can further check the headlight bulb model of the headlight assembly for confirmation.


What bulbs size are the single beam bulbs?
H11, 9005, 9006, 9012, H7, H1, and H3 are single-beam bulbs that have only one filament and emit only one beam of light.
What bulbs size are the dual-beam bulbs?
H4, H13, 9004, and 9007 are dual beam bulbs with two filaments and can be used as both high beams and low beams.
Can I replace my single-beam bulbs with LED dual-beam bulbs?
No. Different bulb models have different connectors and chucks, so you cannot install LED dual-beam bulbs in a single-beam headlight assembly. And single-beam headlight systems cannot handle dual-beam bulb operation.
Is there any difference between halogen bulbs and LED bulbs when it comes to single vs. dual beams?
LED bulbs with better lighting technology than halogen bulbs, provides you with brighter, more energy-efficient lighting through LED chip technology. But they follow the same rules, i.e., the original halogen lamp is a single beam, then the LED bulb is also a single beam.
LED fog light bulb has a dual beam?
No. Generally speaking, fog light bulbs are positioned low and only need to emit a single beam of light to improve illumination during inclement weather. Unlike headlights, you do not need to switch between high and low beams in different road conditions.
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