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How to Replace License Plate Light Assembly on Ford F150

*This article was originally written and licensed by Daniel, and we thank Daniel for reviewing our product and sharing his experience with the Ford F-150 license plate light replacement with us! Also at the end of the article is Daniel's channel @Auto.X.PertsOfficial and a video of the LED license plate lights review.

“Let’s be honest, the factory License plate light from the factory leaves much to be desired, especially if you have still not taken the plunge and at least stepped up to an LED license plate light bulb.

AUXITO has been producing LED bulbs for a long time now and has sold thousands of bulbs and other LED products through amazon, their website, and other vendors.

AUXITO kindly reached out and provided me with their new SMD LED license plate lights for the 2015-2020 Ford F-150s. These lights will run your roughly $28, but AUXITO frequently has sales, so they often can be purchased for cheaper (For example, for the upcoming Halloween, they will be offering a 15% off).

Now I admittedly was already running LED license plate light bulbs in the factory housing’s, and they just happened to be from AUXITO. Full transparency, one of them burned out and I had no issues getting it replaced under their 2 year warranty, with no questions asked.


  • LED Count: 18 SMDs
  • Brightness: 280 Lumens
  • Color : 6000k
  • Waterproof: IP67 Waterproof rated

Installation Of LED License Plate Light

This is the part people usually dread the most. Don’t worry though, this led license plate light install is about as easy as it gets. On the AutoXperts scale of 1 - NOT FUN, this easily ranks at a 1. As a matter of fact, no tools are even required (although you could use a plastic trim removal tool if you would like).

Step 1

Locate the single tab of the license plate light by simply reaching around to the underside of the vehicle bumper and feeling for the single tab of the factory housing. Once located, simply press in on the tab and push it up.

Step 2

Now that the tab is released, use a finger to pry the housing toward you, completely removing the factory housing.

Step 3

Remove the bulb socket from the factory housing by twisting the grey socket and pulling until it releases.

*The socket and housing are keyed and will only release and reinstall when aligned.

Step 4

Remove the bulb from the bulb socket, connect the connector from the new housing to the bulb socket, and push the wire into the housing while reseating the bulb socket into the new housing.

Step 5

Reseat the new housing back into the vehicle bumper, an audible “click” should be heard, letting you know it has been secured properly. Repeat the process on the other side.

Enjoy the new upgraded look and brighter illumination to your license plate that these provide.

Reverse camera

Now I know a lot of complaints are made when upgrading the factory housing to any sort of LED product. This is mainly due to the intensity and glare produced by it. In the case of these lights, I found very minor glare, that was not distracting, and the overall backup camera remained clear.

Final thoughts

This modification makes a huge difference over the factory with minimal installation effort and money out of your pocket. It will provide an updated look to your exterior lighting while also illuminating your license plate better. Even with the minor glare in your backup camera, it is worth the trade-off.

Looking to upgrade the look of your F150s license plate lights?  click here and pick up a set for yourself today!

If you are a visual learner, pls check out @auto.x.perts video on the 2015-2020 Ford F150 license plate lights installation. Daniel will take you step-by-step on how to install the LED license plate light on his car. It will be highly appreciated if you can give a subscription when you visit Daniel's channel.


Do you want to see more lighting upgrade videos for cars? Make sure to like and subscribe to AUXITO channel!

Other Recommendations

If you just want to replace your burn-out license plate light bulb, you shouldn't miss our recommendations.

14E Series LED license plate light bulb

The stock halogen bulbs are dull and cannot match the headlight temperature of those HID or LED swaps you did. Replacing the LED license plate light bulbs is a super quick mod and gives your license plate a new appearance. These LED bulbs don't have to generate heat to work, so they're much more efficient and last longer.

24H Series LED license plate light bulb

Want to maximize the visibility and safety of your license plate lights? We suggest you choose the 24H series of T10 bulbs, which have 24 pieces of 3014 led chips on it, 360-degree lighting angle, no blind spot, at least 3 times brighter than stock 194 bulbs, the 24H series LED bulbs bring an ultra-bright look to your car's license plate.

2E Series LED license plate light bulb

You will need to choose this flat LED bulb when the mounting space for the license plate light assembly is too small. Not only can they provide you with better brightness, but they also get rid of those round halogen bulbs, making subsequent replacement and installation easier!


Have any questions about the LED license plate light or other products? Please feel free to contact us, and our customer service team would be happy to help with all your questions.

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