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Improving Automotive Lighting: Importance of Beam Patterns and Solutions to LED Lighting Scattering

Car lights are an important part of ensuring our safe driving in various environments in our daily driving process. With the development and perfection of automotive lighting technology, the requirements for automotive lights nowadays are not only in terms of brightness but also in terms of energy-saving and environmental protection, color, beam pattern display, and other comprehensive considerations. Today, we mainly talk about something related to beam pattern display.

Both LED and halogen bulbs work with reflectors. However, different reflectors have different internal structures. The exact actual beam pattern effect still needs to be tested whether it is a projector lens assembly or a reflector bowl assembly.

When talking about beam patterns, we have to talk about the cohesion of light.Take LED lamps, which are popular in the market, for example. Compared with traditional halogen lamps,it is clear that LEDs are harder to concentrate the light because halogen bulbs are illuminate by tungsten wires with one central point of light source, often called "point light source.", the light from the point light source through the reflection of the reflector bowl gathered together and spread evenly to the front, providing us with a sufficiently bright view.

● A halogen bulb is more similar to a "point-lighting" type function combined with a reflector.

● But LED bulbs have a facade body, the light is one-sided at about 140 degrees, also known as the "surface-lighting source". 

"Point light source" in the optics of the refraction angle and "surface light source" itself are different, "surface light source" is may more likely to cause light scattering.

When you sit in the car, you will find that the road in front of you is bright and dark uneven,we call this phenomenon BEAM PERFORMANCE BAD, and when you stand outside the car and look at it, the headlight effect is evident.These scattered bulbs are obviously not functional.


1. Most LED chips are flat and square, and now the practice is to make the chips on the two sides as close as possible to achieve a point similar to 360-degree light. Thinning the center point is also the principle of the only concentrating technology at present. Almost allows upper directed ray to proceed without being interrupted

Fitted with 1:1 beam pattern technology and ultra-thin 0.039in the baseboard, AUXITO LED bulbs concentrate beams that shine further down the road and will not blind oncoming vehicles with a clear cutoff line.

2. Proper Bulb installation effectively reduces car light scattering problems.

In addition to using the latest technology to improve the performance of LED bulbs, it's also essential to ensure that they are installed correctly. Proper bulb installation can effectively reduce car light scattering problems and ensure that the light beam is focused in the right direction. By adjusting the bulb's position and ensuring that it is parallel to the arc in the reflector lens, drivers can avoid scattering and achieve a clear cutoff line. Combining the latest LED technology with correct installation techniques can help drivers achieve optimal visibility and reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

If the improper position bulb, then the light scattering does not focus which is not in the middle of the housing position, you will need to readjust the bulb position so that it is a 3-9 o'clock position which must be parallel to the arc in the reflector lens.

If the light beam is scattered - remove the bulb;

1) Loosen the set screw at the base of the bulb;

2) Adjust the base and bulb to the proper setting;

3) Tighten the set screw after adjusting;

4) Install the bulb in the headlight, and confirm the position of the bulb is parallel correct.

5) Check the light beam.


3. Choose high-quality LED bulbs as much as possible



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