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A Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Getting the Correct Beam Pattern from 9007 LED Bulbs

AUXITO's 9007 LED bulbs for your vehicle are all plug-and-play, but the design of LED bulbs with wires differs from LED bulbs without wires in that installation can be different and difficult. If you have questions about installing the 9007, don't miss this article! Also - it's important to get the bulb alignment right - here we will show you everything you need to know in order to install ANY 9007/HB5 LED bulb and some questions you may encounter.



The original 9007 halogen bulb is held in place by a retainer/locking ring. There are generally two types of retainers (Type I and Type II), but they all work the same way - for holding the bulb in place.

Type I

Type II

Below you can see how the original halogen bulb sits when you take the retainer off.

Bulbs with Extra Drivers - AUXITO Y13 Series

If you choose the 9007 LED bulb with wires and a fan on the bottom, the original retainers that held the halogen bulb in place as per the original installation may not fit over the top of your new LED headlight bulbs, they are far too large to facilitate the heat sink and cooling fan. The mounting ring on the LED headlight bulb can easily come off by twisting. You will need to separate the 9007 LED bulb parts and reinstall the original headlight bulb retainer between the LED bulb's heat sink and locking ring.

  • Power: 80 W/set
  • Lumen: 16000 LM/set
  • Color: 6500K White
  • With Cooling Fan
  • IP Rate: IP67
  • Lifespan: up to 50,000 Hrs
1. Remove the headlight bulb holder that you can take out the original 9007 bulb.
2. The Y13 series 9007 LED bulb has a collar that allows you to twist the bulb and separate the whole thing.
3. Insert the collar ring in, just like the original halogen bulb came out.
4. Take your original retainer goes on to hold it in place.
5. Insert the LED bulb into that now mounted retainer and rotate the bulb to secure it.
  • Note: The 9007 LED bulbs with wires may hinder your installation.If done in the last step of installation, the LED bulb electrical cord hits on the top of the original retainer, so you have to modify and cut the retainer ring, to get it to fit into the LED bulb.

Let's see how @AutoX Advice in the video solves it!


9007 Halogen vs AUXITO Y13 series 9007 LED bulb at night


Bulbs Without Extra Drivers - AUXITO Q16 Series and M3 Series

The Q16 series and M3 series 9007 LED bulb are shaped precisely like the original halogen light bulb, so the same plug-and-play easy installation as halogen, and no need to worry about cutting the original retainer with the placement of LED bulbs.


Q16 Series

  • Power: 100W/Pair
  • Lumen: 20,000LM/Pair (The Brightest 9007 LED Bulb)
  • Color: 6000K White
  • Voltage: DC 9-30V(for 12V cars only)
  • IP Rate: IP67
  • Lifespan: up to 50,000 Hrs

    M3 Series

    • Lumen: 12,000LM/Pair
    • Color: 6500K White
    • IP Rate: IP67
    • Lifespan: up to 50,000 Hrs

    9007 LED bulb installation review from @Scott_4.6_ LeeLee



    How to Get the Correct Beam Pattern?

    After twisting the LED bulb in place and locked, please make sure the LED chip is completely horizontal, left to right, for the best beam pattern. 

    You're going to get a bizarre beam pattern if you don't have the LEDs facing horizontally, left and right. And may cause the oncoming car drivers to glare.

    If the LEDs are facing horizontally but the beam pattern is too high or too low, then you need to refer to this Blog to aim your headlights.


    What vehicles use 9007 bulbs as headlight bulbs

    • CHEVROLET Cavalier 2000-2005
    • CHEVROLET Metro 1998-2001
    • CHRYSLER Cirrus 1995-2000
    • CHRYSLER Concorde 1993-1997
    • CHRYSLER Town &Country 1996,1997,2001-2004
    • DODGE Ram Pickup 2003-2005
    • DODGE Ram Pickup 1500 1999-2002
    • FORD Excursion 2000-2004
    • FORD Expedition 1997-2002
    • FORD Explorer 1995-2001
    • FORD Explorer Sport 2001-2003
    • FORD F150 1992-2003
    • FORD F350 1992-2003
    • FORD Mustang 1994-2004
    • FORD Ranger 1993-2005
    • HUMMER H2 2003-2005
    • HYUNDAI Elantra 1996-1998
    • MAZDA B Series 1994-2005
    • MITSUBISHI Lancer 2002-2005
    • MITSUBISHI Outlander 2003-2004
    • NISSAN Altima 1998-2001
    • NISSAN Frontier 2001-2005
    • NISSAN Sentra 2000-2003
    • NISSAN Xterra 2002-2005
    • SUBARU Impreza 2000-2003
    • VOLKSWAGEN Jetta 1999-2005



    I have the 9007 LED bulbs installed correctly, but they do not switch between high and low beams. Simply put, when I drive and have the LED headlight set to low beams, the highs are actually on; and when I set it to high beams, the lows are actually on. How do I fix this?

    When installing 9007 LED bulbs, the high beam chip on the AUXITO LED unit should be on the bottom. Not the top side. You'll know if you have the right LED orientation when you put the high beams on. The light beam should be higher when the high beams are on. If the light beam goes lower when you turn on the high beams, then you have the LED units inserted upside down. You will need to rotate the LED bulb 180 degrees and reinsert it into the headlight assembly.

    The 9004 bulbs and 9007 bulbs have the same connector and the same wiring color, how should I choose and distinguish them?

    The difference between 9004 bulbs and 9007 bulbs is the pin configuration: The 9007 has the ground pin in the middle and high/low positive pins on the outside. The 9004 has the ground pin on one side, and in the middle and other side are the positive pins for the high beam and low beam.

    You can use AUXITO's Vehicle Finder to determine which bulb model is used in your vehicle, or check the model information marked on the original halogen bulb.

    How to Fix Flickering 9007 LED Headlight bulbs?

    While you install led headlights into your car and meet the problems like the situation below, you may need a decoder. (1) While you turn on the light after installation, the bulb keeps flashing. (2) Computer shows the error of headlights.

    Flickering is the sign that your LED isn't getting the right amount of power. You can typically resolve this issue by simply installing a LED decoder with your LED headlight bulbs. This particular component can store the electric current and release it stably and consistently.

    Check out the video below @The Odyssey showing us how to use LED decoder to fix the flickering problem with the 9007 LED headlight bulb!

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