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Honda Element Owner Upgrades with AUXITO LED Bulbs

Miguel: AUXITO will care about their product, that will be the main reason why I recommend it.

*Pictures are from the video posted by Miguel. Product review and video by Miguel with permission. Thanks to him for interviewing us and sharing his experience in using lights while traveling!

Super excited to interview Miguel. He is a travel enthusiast and often shares his travel experiences and footprints on social media such as YouTube, Facebook and IG.

AUXITO: Hi Miguel, we are glad you are interviewed in your busy schedule to share the experience of LED bulbs in your travels.

Miguel: Hello AUXITO, sounds good. I am ready to share my experience with AUXITO products.

AUXITO: What prompted you to upgrade your car's halogen bulbs?

Miguel: I think of upgrading it. First, I wanted something brighter since LEDs are very popular. Second, the simple installation attracts me a lot.

AUXITO: It looks like you're very experienced in LED upgrade installations and such! So, what AUXITO LED bulbs have you currently had modified in your vehicle?

Miguel: I have been doing lots of LED light upgrades in my vehicles and other people's vehicles. I have led Headlights bulbs, led indicators lights bulbs, reverse lights bulbs, all full interior light bulbs etc. Here are some pictures.

2005 Honda Element Interior Lights (AUXITO DE3175 LED Dome Lights And 211-2 LED Map Lights)

2005 Honda Element Side Marker Light And Headlight Bulbs (Amber T10 LED bulbs And Q16 Series H4 LED Headlight Bulbs)

AUXITO: The pictures show it looks slightly better. How does the driving experience feel after the upgrade?

Miguel: I have been using these products for about 6 months and I love all the light upgrades. I have been using the headlights lot since sometimes I do off-roading and this headlight light will give me more visibility. The interior lights second. I have a camping set up inside my car so those interior lights are used frequently. That’s how one of my vehicles is currently looking with the led headlights and interior lights.

AUXITO: Deeply feel the same, I think the headlights are necessary for the process of off-road campingCan you briefly tell us what a series of headlight bulbs you use in your Honda?

Miguel: AUXITO 9003 LED Bulb 100W 20000LM 6000K White H4/HB2 LED Headlight Bulb with Fan, 2022 Upgraded

AUXITO: Well this is our Q16 series,which is the latest series of our 2022 production. What was the main reason you chose this one?

Miguel: My First impression was that there were good reviews on the webpage. I need the brightest LED headlight bulb and Q16 is that one. After the installation, there is no doubt that it did and I am very satisfied. BTW, this bulb is easy to install, plug and play.

AUXITO: And would you recommend our products to your friends? What do you think is our biggest advantage?

Miguel: I highly recommend. The name of the product is well know. Also the coustomer service and warranty. AUXITO will care about their product , that will be the main reason why I recommend it.

AUXITO: What location will you be lighting next on Honda?

Miguel: I just installed a new headlight assembly. I will be looking forward to adding led on my fog lights on Honda.

AUXITO: Good idea. We currently have yellow and white fog lights available, which can have a excellent penetration in foggy weather with popular yellow fog lights.

Miguel: Yes, I like the yellow one a lot.

I upgrade the yellow fog lights on my second car with priority, a Toyota 4 Runner, and loving the beam pattern and brightness of the yellow fog lights. Hoping that the yellow LED fog light on Honda can also be done.

AUXITO: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! It gave me a deeper insight into the minds of my customers. I hope other Honda owners reading our interview will want to upgrade their car's lighting system as well.

Miguel: My pleasure.

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