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Motorcycle Fairing Nut And Bolt Assortment Kits Fasteners for Universal Motorcycle Mounting Kit

Motorcycle Fairing Nut And Bolt Assortment Kits Fasteners for Universal Motorcycle Mounting Kit

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Motorcycle Fairing Nut And Bolt Assortment Kits Fasteners for Universal Motorcycle Mounting Kit

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A complete set of motorcycle fairing nut and bolt kits is your best helper when you need to modify or repair your motorcycle! The upgraded motorcycle nut and bolt kits cover your needs for various sizes and types of screws during the modification process. At the same time, the high-quality aluminum of the nut and bolt assortment kits greatly enhances the appearance of your modified model and also extends the life of the screws. With complete nut and bolt kits, you can enjoy a safe, concise, and convenient motorcycle modification process, and save additional modification costs.


Suitable for replacement of bolt and nut assortment kits for universal motorcycles windshield, fenders, etc.


  1. The metric bolt kit is designed as a universal kit, it is suitable for most models and easy to install without instructions.
  2. The nut and bolt kits are made from high-quality aluminum that resists corrosion, is strong, and has a shine that will last. Screws are made of high-quality aluminum, anodized surface, waterproof and rustproof.
  3. Designed in standard sizes to fit most sport bikes/dirt bikes/motorcycles on the market. Can be used for motorcycle fairing, windshield, fuel cap, fairing, interior trim, fender, body, frame, seat, steering, handlebar, etc.
  4. The complete nuts and bolts assortment kit meets all the needs of the motorcycle body. These universal motorcycle fairing bolt kits include screws, retaining rings, nuts and bolts, mounting kit washers, screw clamps, 5mm and 6mm wrenches, etc.


Product packaging: transparent box packaging

plastic box size: 5.66inch x 3.74inch

The product contains: 195ps

Package List:

  • 6* M6 Bolts(40mm)/20 * M6 Bolts(20mm)/ 20* M6 Bolts(16mm)/ 8* M5 Bolts(25mm)/ 20 * M5 Bolts(16mm)
  • 5 * Truss Screws(4.8 x20mm)
  • 20 * M5 Well Nut (7mm) / 20 * M6 Well Nut(8mm)
  • 14* M6 Welded clip nuts (14 x18.5mm)
  • 20 * M6 Nylon Washers(12mm) / 20 * M5 Nylon Washers(10mm)
  • 5 * M6 Fairing clips (6 x 20mm)/ 5 * M7 Fairing clips (7 x 20mm) / 5 * M8 Fairing clips (8 x 23mm)
  • 5 * M5 Plastic pillar (13 x 15mm)
  • 1 * M5 Allen Wrench/ 1 * M6 Allen Wrench

Product color: Black

Material: High-Quality aluminum

Product function: replace the original car screws, and snaps, while having a decorative effect

Suitable for models: regular motorcycle

Installation location: windshield, fenders, etc.
Warm tips

  1. Please allow 0-1cm errors due to manual measurement.
  2. The surface of motorcycle nut and bolt kits finish is anodized aluminum and hardness less than 304 steel.
  3. This product is only available in black nut and bolt assortment kits, the colored product in the picture has been color adjusted to make it clearer where the screws are installed.

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