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El Wire Interior Car LED Strip Lights, Cigarette Lighter Neon Wire 12V for Automotive Car Interior Decoration

El Wire Interior Car LED Strip Lights, Cigarette Lighter Neon Wire 12V for Automotive Car Interior Decoration

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El Wire Interior Car LED Strip Lights, Cigarette Lighter Neon Wire 12V for Automotive Car Interior Decoration

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Are you still worried that the LED strip light with various driving methods can maintain high brightness? The driving method of the 12V cigarette lighter interface can provide a lot of power to the interior car LED strip light so that the LED strip light can continue to emit light and maintain a balanced and bright light strip brightness. LED lights are famous for their low energy expenditure, so these 12V LED Strip Lights for cars won’t have any impact on your car’s power consumption.

At the same time, the luminescent light driven by the 12V driver can be adapted to various old and new models of cars, so you don't need to worry that the luminescent light you purchased cannot be adapted to use. Also, the el wire LED strip lights for the car interior are convenient to place in various locations and do not occupy space.


Suitable for universal cars which you can connect to the cigarette lighter. Make sure the input voltage is 12V. It is used in the car, it can't be used in trucks or other large transport vehicles whose voltage is 24V.


Product options:

  1. 2M Blue LED strip light
  2. 2M Red LED strip light
  3. 2M White LED strip light
  4. 2M Purple LED strip light
  5. 2M Ice Blue LED strip light
  6. 2M Green LED strip light
  7. 3M Blue LED strip light
  8. 5M Blue LED strip light

Each option includes: Interior LED light strip*1, cigarette driver*1

Material: EL Neon wire

Drive mode: 12V cigarette lighter

Product width: 6mm

Voltage: 12V

Installation location: center console, door, etc.

Uses: ambient lights, decorative vehicles


  • Decorate the interior of the car, with the effect of ambient light
  • Easy installation, and good flexibility, you can easily cut at any length for fitting the area that you are decorating.
  • Low power consumption and good energy-saving effect. Good quality and long service life
  • Stable power, no stroboscopic, moderate brightness, does not affect the driver's sight
  • El wire is equipped with a fuse in the cigarette lighter to ensure user safety.
  • Wide range of applications. The driving method of LED strip light is a cigarette lighter, which is suitable for installation and use in common cars and cars that originally used a cigarette lighter as a driving method. Great for Car decoration, House decoration, Shopping windows, or any other place you want to add.

Installation Steps


    1. One thing you need to note is that the cigarette lighter port is only used as a driving method when buying an interior car LED strip light, whether your car contains a cigarette lighter
    2. The 12V cigarette lighter controller will have a little buzzing sound when using the product due to its work principle. It is normal and safe. The wire is used in the dark. So it is not very bright if your environment is bright.
    3. The LED strip light EL wire is flexible and very easy to bend into any shape and cut into any length. But you will need to seal the new end.
    4. This product includes there styles of interior led strip lights with different lengths and colors. You need to specify the color and size you need before placing an order.

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    What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2017 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

    Great for upping the wonderful atmosphere in my car. Fair pricing especially when i used code rugaru to help save!

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