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Why do you need to replace your H7 LED light?

If your H7 headlight lights appear as follows, then you may need to replace your headlight bulbs to ensure safe night driving.

  • In the simplest case, the halogen filament burns out and you have to replace the bulb with a new one.

  • The halogen tungsten filament will dim due to long use time, reducing visibility at night and you cannot see any farther on the road

  • You are tired of the dull yellow halogen lights and want a higher color temperature white light to enhance your car's appearance.

Why choose the M3 series H7 LED Lights?

In short, the M3 series H7 LED Lights to meet your needs for upgrading to LED lights that give you excellent performance at a reasonable price. Color temperature, brightness, and type can affect performance levels and safety benefits.

Top Advantages Of M3 Series H7 LED

The most common type of automotive lighting is still halogen, and if you choose H7 LED Light Bulb for your headlight lighting system upgrade, you can expect big changes in the following areas.


The M3 Series H7 LED bulbs use customized ZES chips, run at 52 W/pair, and deliver a staggering 12,000 LM/pair of light. You'll get twice the illumination of the OEM lights to improve night vision.


The shape and size of the H7 LED chips are close to the filament of halogen bulbs to ensure a perfect beam pattern. Distance between ZES chips is about 0.08in, ultra-thin design. 360-degree illumination and no dark spots. Decent light spread, minimal glare, performance pretty much on par with halogen but with more strong foreground lighting.


In general, the LED bulb's lifespan is about 30,000 hours which is way better than the 6,000 hours that most Halogen bulbs offer. Moreover, The built-in high-speed and nonblock cooling fan in H7 LED Light transfers heat, cools down the LED chips, ensures stable high light output, and extends the service time to more than 30,000hrs.


The easiest way to get a cosmetic upgrade to your vehicle is to replace dim halogen lights with white LEDs. The color temperature of LEDs is usually better than that of halogens when it comes to good vision. The M3 Series H7 LED bulbs fall into the daylight range with a color temperature of 6500K, which allows better color perception. And you'll be able to get a cleaner, brighter cutoff on the road.

Spec & Features

  • Chips: LED ZES Chips

  • Power: 52W Per Set

  • Lumen: 12000LM/Set

  • Color: 6500K Cool White

  • IP Rate: IP65 Waterproof

  • Lifespan: 50,000+ Hours

  • Brightness: 200% Brighter Than Halogen

  • Installation: Non-polarity, Plug and Play

  • Type B Without the adapter, with spring on the housing

  • Type C With adapter required, without spring on the housing

We Provide You With The Best Guarantee:

  • Customer service within 24 hours on business days
  • Shipment within 48 hours
  • 30 days return and exchange
  • Two-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Shane Robins
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2005 Ford F350

Great quality lights, super bright and built well.

John Will
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2020 Kia Sorento SX
Good light but I needed the anti-flicker resistor

I like the light pattern and intensity, but I was hoping these would not require the Canbus Anti-Flicker resistors, but they were required. Since the plastic headlight enclosure isn't all that resistant to melting, you have to be careful where the resistors end up.

Dragos Nistor
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : BMW s 1000 xr

Would love to review them only if I had them. Been weeks since ordering them, nowhere to be seen. Wondering if it’s a hoax.

Hi Dragos,
Thank you so much for your time in this comment.
It seems that your package is lost for an unknown reason, but please don't worry, we will send you a new package.
You could please contact us directly at with your order ID to give us the feedback, we will spare no efforts to help you out.

In addition, we have reached out to you and offer the solution.
Feel free to email back to us if you need any further support.


Robert Moore
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2010 BMW 328i xdrive sedan
Flicker and headlamp dash warnings still occur

When using the H7 Canbus Adapter Anti-Flicker Warning Canceler for H7 LED Bulb I still receive sporadic headlamp warnings on my dash. Seem to occur more when the highbeam or fog lights are also on. Infrequent occurrences of flicker as well.

Michael Sobiesczyk
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2021 Hyundai Kona SE
Worthy Upgrade from Halogen

I replaced high beams with these bulbs after upgrading the low beams to LED. I wanted uniform white light while country driving will all beams illuminated. These bulbs have excellent crisp light that now matches my low beams. I needed to source an adapter separately for proper compatibility with my Hyundai Kona. These bulbs are affordable and bright. Not exactly “plug and play,” but worth it!

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