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1 Set Car Window Button Fluorescent Sticker Interior Switch Button Decoration (Green)

1 Set Car Window Button Fluorescent Sticker Interior Switch Button Decoration (Green)

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If you are worried that your car window switch does not have a label, or maybe the mark on the window switch has been blurred and faded due to long-term use, making it difficult to distinguish the corresponding function.

Then try AUXITO's new design of green window switch luminous stickers!

This glow-in-the-dark sticker contains fluorophore molecules that fluoresce after absorbing light. Fluorescent colors have more of a visible spectrum than traditional color vision, and reflect this wider band of light back to the human eye. Therefore, you can operate the switch more quickly and accurately at night, and you will not be distracted when operating the switch that is not obvious in the dark interior of the car, thereby greatly improving the safety of night driving.

Maybe you still worry that the luminous effect of the luminous stickers is not obvious, or it will fall off?

This is 100% brand new product, after absorbing light during the day, it can stably glow in fluorescence state! The more light it absorbs, the more pronounced the luminous effect. Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off, ensures that the service life can reach 8-15 years.

Fitment & Specifications

Fit for: Most vehicle models.

Packaging include: Window Switch Button Luminous Sticker*1

Color: Luminous green

Material: PET

Placement on vehicle: Door window switch of driver's side

Top Features

Luminous Material --- This fluorescent sticker is made of high-quality material and uses the principle of light storage to see it glow in a dark environment after the sticker absorbs light.

Improve Safety --- This fluorescent sticker allows you to identify different buttons at a glance in a dark environment to provide the safety of night travel greatly.

Replacement Sticker --- The original car window does not have a button graphic, the pattern is disappeared due to frequent use. The simple pattern of this sticker allows you to find the button more quickly.

Easy to Install --- No tools are required and not easy to fall off

Wide Application --- It is suitable for most vehicle models

Installation steps

  1. Tear off the adhesive
  2. Paste it in a suitable position to complete the installation.


If the car is covered or parked in an underground garage before driving at night, it is necessary to use the mobile phone flashlight to shine the reflective luminous paste for a while before driving so that the sticker absorbs the light and the sticker will achieve the reflective effect at night.

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