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LED Rear Bumper Reflector Light Brake Tail Lights Fits 2013-2015 Honda Civic

LED Rear Bumper Reflector Light Brake Tail Lights Fits 2013-2015 Honda Civic

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LED Rear Bumper Reflector Light Brake Tail Lights Fits 2013-2015 Honda Civic

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Upgrade Your Honda Civic Rear Bumper Reflector Brake Tail Light!

Keep you waiting! AUXITO brings you to brand new LED Rear Bumper Reflector Brake Tail Lights for your Honda Civic! This red and white rear bumper light with different lighting modes can echo your car's taillights. The rear bumper reflector with light makes the lighting at the rear of the car brighter, and the warning effect is more obvious when the vehicle brakes. Give your Civic a more unique look with red or white lens reflector rear bumper lights.

The original mold opening design makes your rear bumper look exactly the same as the original one. It fits the body perfectly without protruding from the outside of the body. There are as many as 5 lighting modes for the rear bumper reflector light to meet your needs for rear bumper brake lights and driving lights. The ultra-high waterproof ABS shell of IP75 makes the rear bumper light and more durable.


Suitable for 2013-2015 9th Gen Honda Civic 4-Door sedan including the SI models (Does not fit the 2-door coupe)


Product option:

  1. The rear bumper reflector light with a red shell has two lighting modes, only red light
  2. The rear bumper reflector light with the white shell has five lighting modes containing red + white light

Package includes: A Pair (L&R) LED Rear Bumper Reflector Lights of each option

Number of LEDs: 30 LEDs of each light

Waterproof: IP75

Lifespan: 50000+ hrs

Light color: Red, White (Brilliant Red or White light)

Installation position: Rear Bumper Reflectors

Top Feature

  • Low power consumption and Quick Instant Start-Up time
  • Each rear bumper light contains 30 bright LED bulbs, making the brake warning effect obvious.
  • It can replace the only rear bumper reflector of the original car, and add the functions of tail running lights, brake lights and other indicator lights to improve road safety.
  • IP75 high waterproof, wear-resistant and durable, with a service life of up to 50,000 hours.

Wire Connection

  • Rear Bumper Reflector Light with Red len

Black wire---connects to the negative

Red wire---control the brake light

White wire---control the tail light and DRL

  • Rear Bumper Reflector Light with White len

Black wire---connects to the negative/ground

Red wire---control the Brake light (100% brightness)

Green wire---control the Running light (30% brightness)

White wire

  • control the turn signal (effect1: turning, red-white alternating flicker, 30% red; effect2: brake+turn signal, 100% red light, white flicker)
  • control the reverse light (effect1: reversing, bright white; effect2: reverse+brake, bright red&white)

Installation Step

To install these LED bumper reflector lights, you just need to go on the back of the rear bumper, press to remove the original bumper reflector, then put it back directly with these new LED reflectors, then connect the wires accordingly. Complete the installation and use.


This link contains two different rear bumper reflector lights with diverse lighting patterns and wiring modes. When you choose the rear bumper light for your 2013-2015 Honda Civic, you need to choose the style you need to add the most unique color to your car.

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