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2004-2013 Honda Civic LED Lights

2004-2013 Honda Civic LED Lights

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2004-2013 Honda Civic LED Lights

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The brightness of an LED bulb depends on lumens, so that’s one important factor you will want to pay attention to when picking a replacement. You will also want to compare their advertised service life if you drive often at night.

The service life of LED headlight bulbs is much longer than halogen bulbs, which makes it cost-effective and convenient for the vehicle owner. Most importantly, many LED headlight bulbs can replace halogen headlights if you’re looking for a brighter, longer-lasting light. The AUXITO 2004-2013 Honda Civic LED bulb kit includes plug-and-play kits with their products, so you don’t need to have any modifications for your vehicle.

Package Included:

  • 2 B3 Series 9005 led headlight bulbs (2004-2013 Honda Civic High Beam)
  • 2 B3 Series 9006 led headlight bulbs (2004-2013 Honda Civic Low Beam)
  • 2 B3F Series H11 led fog light bulbs (2004-2013 Honda Civic Fog Lights)
  • 2 7443 Red (2004-2013 Honda Civic Brake Lights)
  • 27440 Amber (2004-2013 Honda Civic (Sedan/Hatchback kit) Rear Turn Signal Lights)
  • 2 BAU15S Amber (2004-2013 Honda Civic (Coupe kit) Rear Turn Signal Lights)
  • 2 31MM White (2004-2013 Honda Civic Map Lights)


2004-2013 honda civic led headlight bulbs

Bulb Size: High Beam 9005/HB3; Low beam 9006/HB4

B3F Series, DC9V-30V, 18W/Bulb, 5500lm/bulb, 6500K White, CSP Y22 chips, IP 65 Waterproof

These B3F series LED headlight bulbs are a perfect fit for the 2004-2013 honda civic, not only provide you with superior brightness and durability; they are also more affordable than average Honda Civic 8th +9th gen LED headlights with bulbs and ballasts, and since all products are brand new, with a 2-year warranty. Additional benefits over OEM headlights include Canbus-proof designs and effortless halogen-to-LED conversions. What’s more, modeled on halogen, almost the same beam pattern as the factory halogen bulbs, no dark spot, no shadows, providing super focused bright output but won’t blind the oncoming traffic, ensuring safe driving.

Why choose the B3F series?

  • 11000LM output, 300% Brighter Than Halogen

  • The bulb is small size, plug-and-play, and easy to install. You can finish the upgrade in about 15 minutes!

  • Fanless design, no fan hassle or annoying noise, fast and stable heat dissipation ensure long service life even in extremely cold areas.

  • Upgraded independent driver with built-in intelligent IC and temperature control system, No errors after installation.

2004-2013 honda civic led Fog Light bulbs

Bulb Size: H11/H8

  • 6000LM/Pair, 6500K Xenon white, Non-polarity socket, plug-and-play, no glare

Add LED fog light bulb for 2004-2013 Honda Civic and aid visibility in adverse conditions.

The shape and size of the LED chips are close to the filament of halogen bulbs providing the best light pattern to enhance the driver's visibility in dense fog, rain or snow. IP65 waterproof and dustproof performance is resistant to water, impact, and corrosion. Plug-in connectors require no wire splicing or cutting for better reliability.

NOTE: Fog Lights and the accessory courtesy light cannot be installed together on the LX and EX Coupe.

LED Exterior Lighting

2004-2013 honda civic LED brake Light bulbs

Bulb Size: 7443

Voltage:12V; Power:2W/PC; Lumen:240LM/PC; Color: Red;

2004-2013 Honda Civic Sedan/Hatchback LED Rear Turn Signal Light bulbs

Bulb Size: 7440

2004-2013 Honda Civic Coupe LED Rear Turn Signal Light bulbs

Bulb Size: BAU15S

  • These 7440 led bulbs come with 42 pcs 2835 SMD LED chipsets, 3000K amber yellow, Voltage: DC 12-24V, Power: 24W/PC, 4 times brighter than the halogen, and energy saving.

  • Built-in Load Resistor & IC Driver, CANBUS Error Free for 95% vehicles, non-polarity, compatible for both CK/SRCK and Standard socket.

  • 300% brighter than halogen lights, making other vehicles more aware of your steering intentions.

2004-2013 Honda Civic LED Back Up Light bulbs

Bull Size:

Compare to original - Option 1: T15

Compare to original - Option 2: 7443

  • DC12V, 5.5W, 6000K White, 2600LM/Pair, 360° full view angle, with HD projector, 300%+ brighter than stock lights.

Note that the 2003-2013 Honda Civic has a choice of two models of reverse lights, so this bulb is not included in the kit. If you need to purchase a reverse light, please check the model owner's manual or the original halogen lamp model first to determine which reverse light model you need.

LED Interior Lighting

2004-2013 honda civic LED Map Light bulbs

Bulb Size: 31MM

  • Each 31mm led dome light has 6 pcs Special Customized 3020 led chips, high brightness but low consumption

  • Built-in intelligent IC driver, CANBUS error-free design. Aluminum cover for fast heat dissipation

If you need the other LED bulbs, please check the model user manual or contact us by mail at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
James Hannah
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2023 Honda Civic Hatchback
Great Quality plug n play bulb

Awesome results from these bulbs and I’m happy I didn’t have to install a separate load resistor.

joey reece

2004-2013 Honda Civic LED Lights

Will Bell
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport
So bright!

These LED replacements are awesome! So bright and no error codes come up on the dash!

Brandon Chism
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2019 Honda Civic Sport Coupe

Great product at a very fair and competitive price. Can’t ask for much more. Only place that carry’s the bulbs for the coupe still.

Jonathan Estupinan
What is your vehicle's year, make and model : 2006 Honda Civic Dx

The headlights LED both high beam an low beam are super phenomenal I’m such a huge fan of lights an these right here are it. an I’m not saying this to get a discount or anything I’m sincerely speaking from the heart an I’m also speaking from experience these Auxito lights an the non name brand LED lights I had on these before Auxito lights literally lay a ton of light for me on the road an it doesn’t shotgun light into peoples faces I’m very happy with my purchase an I will buy again if needed thank you for your business an the opportunity in getting the chance to be the brightest on the road cause so far I’ve seen no one with what I got. Thank you very much. To everyone in the team that made it what it is today thank you to all. I also wanna in the near future want to purchase an LED bar I’m a truck driver an I have to be at my truck yard at 5 am an usually it’s dark at that time I want to get a LED bar installed as a tool for when I’m doing a pre inspection to help me see I’ve figured it’ll be a great help to me to get it I just don’t know if there’s anything that’ll fit my little car if you can point me that direction I’ll be happy to purchase that as well for it is something I need to make my life a bit easier. Thank you ! Hope to hear from you back. Take care.

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