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PU Leather Car Seat Cover Full Set Fit For 2008-2022 Toyota Tundra Truck Crew Cab Crewmax Double Extended Cab

PU Leather Car Seat Cover Full Set Fit For 2008-2022 Toyota Tundra Truck Crew Cab Crewmax Double Extended Cab

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PU Leather Car Seat Cover Full Set Fit For 2008-2022 Toyota Tundra Truck Crew Cab Crewmax Double Extended Cab

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Are your car's original seats weather-beaten? Do you want to add a layer of protection to your new car?

Then it's time for you to install a brand new seat cover!

AUXITO prepares a full leather car seat cover tailored for your 2008-2022 Toyota Tundra truck. No need to worry about it not fitting properly or needing additional fixings! We carry out a one-to-one restoration design based on the seat data of the original car.

The surface of the car seat cover is made of high-quality PU leather material, and the interlayer in the middle is also filled with a composite sponge. Not only wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also smooth and soft. It's also super easy to clean! Since the texture of leather insulates heat better, they can adapt to various temperature environments in summer and winter. While protecting the original car seat leather, it also endows the car with a simple and luxurious interior environment and a comfortable and soft use experience!

In addition, AUXITO upgrades the leather seat cover for your Tundra with bayonet fasteners and reserves a hole for the seat belt socket to ensure that the seat cover fits tightly on the original car seat and will not move easily.


Fit for: 2008-2022 tundra truck crew cab crewmax double extended cab regular cab


Product color options: Black, Black-Red

Each Packaging includes:

  • 2* Front seat cover
  • 2* Rear seat backrest
  • 1* Rear three-person pad
  • 1* Armrest pad
  • 4* Head cap(The seat head cover is the adjustable, not fully wrapped type)

Install Position: Front+rear

Material: Luxury PU leather+Sponge

Top Features:

Excellent material:

Seat covers are made of natural environmental Luxury PU leather with a soft composite sponge, comfortable, smooth, and delicate feeling, and clean easily with a wet towel.

Installation & Compatibility:

The product size is made according to the original car, which fits perfectly and is easy to install.

Seat covers include sturdy buckles and straps for a tighter, more secure fit and easier installation.

Compatible with Seat Belt Buckle:

Safety and firm

Ensuring driver and passenger safety

Full Protection:

The side of the seat covers with the airbag outlet design ensures the normal ejection of the airbag and reserves rear space to leave room in the rear without covering the seat belt buckle.

Durable Accessories:

Chucks and hooks hold the seat sleeve firmly

Simple installation, no need to flip the seat


There are two storage pockets behind the front seats for easy storage.

How to Deep Clean Leather Car Seat Covers

  • Lay the leather car seat cover on the floor and remove all creases.
  • Use a handheld vac or shop vac to remove food crumbs, dust, or crumbs.
  • Dissolve a professional leather cleaner in water and use a toothbrush to scrub the stain.
  • Turn the lid upside down and clean its interior the same way.
  • Use a damp terry cloth to wipe away soap and dirt.
  • Let it air dry, then buff the cover with leather conditioner and a microfiber cloth for extra shine.


This set of leather car seat covers is suitable for the 2008-2022 Toyota tundra truck Crew cab Crewmax double extended cab regular cab, please check if your original car model is suitable to achieve a perfect installation effect.

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