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Review: AUXITO I9 Series Gold LED Fog Light Bulbs for Better Visibility During Bad Weather

Eric installed AUXITO I9 series gold LED fog light bulbs in his 2019 Ranger in April 2021. Now go back and greet him about his product and he says "If you are looking for a clean yellow fog light bulb, choose these! The thin body allows for more light to fill dark spots your headlights do not cover and the golden yellow lights output provide better contrast in all weather conditions but especially during rain or snow events."

Eric installed AUXITO I9 series gold yellow LED fog light bulbs in his 2019 Ranger in April 2021.

*Pictures are from the video posted by Eric Gregoire. Product review and video by Eric Gregoire with permission. Thanks to him for providing the LED fog lights review and for sharing his experience!


With the 3000k golden yellow lights, you can actually see when the weather takes a turn for the worst and feel confident driving your car.

Spec Of LED Fog lights

  • Model: H8/H11/H16(JP)
  • Voltage: 9-30V DC
  • Chips: LED CSP Chips
  • Power: 14W
  • Color: Amber Yellow
  • Lifespan: 30,000+ Hours
  • Lumens: 4000LM/Set
  • Application: Fog Lights/Daytime Running Lights



▶ Why did you want to upgrade to LED lights before?

Eric: I wanted to upgrade to LED so I could have a clearer view of the road at night, There is a lot of wildlife in Wisconsin and the sooner you can see them the sooner you can stop for them. 

▶ What do you think of the brightness and beam pattern of these LED fog lights?

Eric: The LED Fog lights' brightness is much greater than the factory fog lights' output. You can see much more of the sides of the road with Auxito LED Fog lights. This helps at night with avoiding Wildlife and overall better driving experience at night. 

▶You have used yellow fog lights as well as white fog lights on the Ranger, which one do you prefer and why?

Eric: There is a big difference between yellow and white lights. I prefer the Auxtio 6500k white Fog lights in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months and then the Auxtio 3K yellow fog lights in the Winter months. I use the 3k in the winter because the yellow fog lamps reflect better in snowy conditions and overall look cool. 


Vehicle's Information: 2019 Ford Ranger

Installation Location: Fog Lights

Tools Needed For The Install: For the Ford Ranger, all the led bulbs I installed were with no tools, just my own hands. Bring your vehicle to a professional auto shop and have them install them for you. 

  • Product Unboxing

“The new LED fog lights are led yellow, they have a little heat sink area right there and they are H11, two of them come in a pack.

The right one is the AUXITO led fog light bulb and the left one is the factory bulb. They are very similar, and AUXITO tries to keep the diode position of the LEDs the same as the halogen.”

  • Installation Process

"Find the spot under the crash bar where you can easily find the fog light bulb, gently grab the fog light bulb and turn it to the left.

There is a clip inserted into the fog light bulb that you can squeeze the clip pull the bulb out and all I got to use is one finger. Make sure that your fingers do not touch the bulb, or you can put on gloves."

"Put the fog light bulb back in its original position and turn it in the opposite direction of removing the bulb. Finally, you can see that I placed the wick in a 3-9 o'clock direction to get the best fog lights. Plug it in to complete the installation."


"The LED Fog lights brightness is much greater than the factory output.

You can see that the yellow fog lights penetrate so well in the rain and fog that's gonna be bright forever is coming at me."


"After a year of use, they have been great. No issues with the bulbs that I have installed on my Ford Ranger. I am very happy with how they look and perform, I believe they will last many years to come.

Keep up the great work and keep experimenting with new products! 💪"

Below is the yellow led fog lights installation video of Eric for your reference, so that You can more easily see the installation process as well as the effect of fog light bulbs at night.


If you want your car's fog lights to be the same color temperature as the headlight, you can also choose white fog light bulbs to keep the front end of your car looking the same!

Of course, we have cooler blue fog light products, but please check if street laws permit the installation of blue fog lights before ordering.

Have any questions about our products? Please feel free to contact us and our customer service team will be glad to help you.


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