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Zach's Journey: Upgrading 2014 Tacoma Headlights

Considering upgrading your headlights?

In this review, Zach shares his personal experience installing Auxito's high-performance Q16 Series H4 LED bulbs on the 2014 TRD Tacoma Offroad. From unboxing to installation steps and performance comparison, we cover it all.

Read on to discover if Auxito's LED bulbs are worth it!


The package arrived in perfect condition, setting the stage for a promising start.

Opening the package revealed a pair of white gloves and a well-designed product manual

The bulb itself exuded quality with its aluminum construction, featuring a built-in fan and a 6K white bottom for effective cooling and a long 50,000-hour lifespan.

Additionally, I ordered adapters with anti-flicker features for added convenience. Special thanks to Auxito for providing these bulbs and adapters.


Here are the specifications of the Q16 Series H4 LED bulbs:

  • 20000LM Per Set
  • 6000K Xenon White
  • 100W Per Set
  • 99% Canbus Error Free
  • Plug and Play
  • 50000 Hours Lifespan
  • Installation

    To access the light bulb, start by removing the small rubber cap covering the back of the bulb.

    Once the cap is off, the bulb can be easily extracted.

     The Auxito H4 LED bulbs are plug and play, fitting seamlessly into the original Tacoma shell without the need for modifications.

    I appreciate the IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring durability even in adverse weather conditions.

    The only minor drawback was the lack of a designated spot for the adapter pack.

    Now that we have the bulbs in place, let's discuss the installation of the adapters.

    The adapters have an in and an out port, making it easy to identify the correct connection.

    Although there wasn't a perfect place to mount the adapter, we managed to secure it temporarily. During the test run, the bulbs lit up successfully, confirming a successful installation.

    Performance Comparison

    With the LED bulbs installed, the difference in lighting is evident.

    On one side, the LED bulb emits a wider and clearer beam, while the other side still uses the standard halogen bulb.

    As the lighting conditions dim, the disparity between the two becomes even more pronounced. Notably, both the high and low beams are replaced simultaneously, enhancing the overall lighting performance of the Second Generation Tacoma.


    • AUXITO LED(Left Side)

    • Cut-off Line (Halogen vs LED)

    • Low Beam  (Halogen vs LED)

    • High Beam  (Halogen vs LED)


    Driving Experience

    Once everything was fully installed, we conducted further tests to observe the LED bulbs' near and far light switching effect. 

    • Cut-Off Line

    • Low Beam

    • High Beam

    The LEDs on top looked impressive, but the halogen fog lights didn't match the aesthetic. Consider upgrading the fog lights for a more cohesive and appealing look.

    Final Thought

    In conclusion, AUXITO provides a significant improvement in lighting performance. The installation process was quick and easy, taking only five to ten minutes. I would highly recommend their LED products.

    AUXITO has a great website where you can search for lights that fit your make and model.


    If you're interested in LED bulbs, visit their official website for a brighter future!

    Thank you for joining us on this detailed LED upgrade installation journey.


    To learn more about the Tacoma LED upgrade parts please click on the video below.


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