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Upgrade Your Subaru crosstrek's Interior Lighting with the Auxito DE3175 LED Dome Map Light: A Review and Installation Guide


The DE3157 LED gives your vehicle better interior lighting performance and does not abuzz and flicker or make noise when dimming.. Their brightness is perhaps 2 to 3.5 times as bright as the originals!

Nhan Pham showed us the installation and lighting effect of LED Dome light at the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek. Photo included is at night with moderate street lighting, through street-legal limit tinting.

*Pictures are from the video posted by Nhan Pham. Product review and video by Nhan Pham with permission. Thanks to him for providing the product review and for sharing his experience!



These DE3175 LED lights are 6000K xenon white, and each light has 6 pcs Special Customized 3020 led chips, high brightness but low consumption.

Similar in size to the original 31MM halogen bulb, plug and play.


  • Wide voltage: 10-24V DC, (under 12v: 0.2A,Power:2.5W/PC)
  • Color: 6000K xenon white
  • Size: 0.63 inches in width, 1.25 inches in length



  • What do you think of the product packaging?

The packaging was fairly simple and neatly packaged. The product design was phenomenally well constructed. Doesn’t feel cheaper, and well-thought-out design.

  • Does the brightness of the LED bulb meet your needs?

The brightness of the lights exceeded my expectations! It is without a doubt worth the upgrade for the amount of light it puts out for interior lighting.

  • Is the size of the bulb appropriate?

The size of the bulbs fits perfectly well! Did not have any issues installing.

  • Was it easy to install? How much time did it take approximately?

The time it took to change the map and dome lights were1-3 mins. Because of how simple the installation was as well as minimal tools required it made for a really quick installation!



Vehicle's Information: 2020 subaru crosstrek (base
Installation Location: Dome Light & Map Light
Tools Needed For The Install: Minimal tools required, anything to pry the plastic covering, in my case I used a plastic trim tool.
  • Product Unboxing

The led light has an aluminum cover for fast heat dissipation and it also includes a built-in intelligent IC driver for canvas error-free design.

  • Replace The Map Light

First, remove the map light cover with a trim tool and easily pull out the halogen bulb to replace it with the AUXITO led light bulb.

  • Replace The Dome Light

We will take the trim tool carefully for pulling off the cover and remove the stock halogen light bulb to replace the halogen light bulb with the AUXITO led bulb, then make function test.


So as you can see, the AUXITO led map and dome lights are ridiculously bright in comparison to the stock halogen light bulbs.

When I talk about halogen light bulbs, they are too dim for me. The reasons are not their yellow color but become more yellow over time, which is not bright for me. Surprisingly,AUXITO LED map and dome lights are ridiculously bright.


Overall, I would have to say I would highly recommend this upgrade, not for how easy and fast the installation was but for the quality of the product craftsmanship but also for how ridiculously bright the lights are! The results are truly night and day with how much illumination you get for interior lights!

Below is the installation video of Nhan Pham for your references, so that you can know more details about how to install the 31MM product and the comparison between LED lights and halogen lights.



If you have doubts about the installation of LED bulbs, you can also try our improved festoon retractable DE3175 LED bulbs, suitable for 31mm (1.22") ~ 36mm (1.42") size interior lights. Built-in upgraded intelligent IC driver, so that most vehicles do not have error warnings, allowing you to stay away from multiple installation problems!

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