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LED Headlight Assemblies versus LED Bulbs


    1. Complete headlight assemblies VS LED Headlight bulbs
    2. Why are LED headlights blind approaching drivers?
    3. What is the LED headlights beam pattern?
    4. How to adjust LED headlights?



● Complete Headlight Assembly

There are roughly two options for upgrading halogen car lights to LED headlights, one is LED headlight lighting bulbs, and the other is to upgrade the complete LED headlight assembly.

However, the current cost of upgrading a complete LED headlight assembly falls roughly between $800 and $1500. These costs are a reflection of this technology being fairly new to the automotive market.

Of course, the cost should come down as demand increases, but it will always be a more expensive upgrade than halogen devices.

But as a sales manager for LED bulbs, my advice is: if you have enough money, you can choose complete headlight replacement.

If it's just for better lighting than halogen, I'd recommend changing the car led light bulbs. After all, the price of replacing a headlight assembly is much higher than the price of replacing the bulb.

And the actual lightning effect of the two is almost the same.


● LED Headlight Bulbs

Lowest cost with good value, get the most for the least money.

An aspect that can land people in trouble is the potential changes in beam pattern when making the switch to LED.

Certain reflectors are incompatible with LED lights and can result in a beam pattern that is too narrow or too wide, which can blind oncoming drivers. Or be insufficient for lighting up the road.

This is one of the purposes that AUXITO is doing the product review. Match the right LED bulbs for all car owners and reduce everyone's additional expenditure on car lighting.



Many drivers struggle with being dazzled by headlights. Are led headlights brighter than halogen? YES, LED headlights are bright – significantly brighter than halogen bulbs used to be.

According to a RAC study,  drivers complain that delays of up to five seconds during recovery –a time that you could have traveled more than 100 meters at 60mph. It is absolutely nothing new for us that we have all experienced blinding lights from other road users before. From aftermarket, LED bulbs tend to get a lot of the blame on forums, Facebook, or blog articles. Unfortunately, a lot of the blame is out of ignorance.

For example, one review back in 2018 told readers not to buy aftermarket LEDs because “they can be dazzling because the light source is in the wrong position relative to the reflector ….” — While this opinion reflects the lower quality, cheaper, and so on, which doesn't take the performance improvements into account that you'll see from premium brands.

Many negative reviews and articles from reputable platforms are simply misguided or unaware of why their bulbs are faulty. Generally, this is really useful to improve visibility, particularly in poor driving conditions.

Causes of dazzling LED Car headlights:
  • Poor Quality Bulbs

Purchasing cheap bulbs can be dangerous for you and other road users. These cheap bulbs might be dangerously bright or throw out the wrong beam pattern that can blind oncoming traffic.

eBay, Amazon and Alibaba are rife with substandard LED bulbs that have plenty of 5-star reviews which can easily be manipulated. Although it goes against Amazon’s rules, many store owners realized that they can offer discounts and deals in exchange for 5 reviews. Some store owners will build a product listing that has amassed 5 reviews and edit the information and imagery to turn it into a new, inferior product listing, which is cheaper to manufacture.

Always aim to purchase any Car LED bulbs from reputable brands.


  • Incorrectly Install

Sometimes the person who has fitted the bulbs has done so incorrectly. The beam pattern might be wrong and in turn, blinds other drivers. We’ve seen bulbs put in upside down and at all sorts of funny angles. Just because it’s clipped in place, it doesn’t mean it’s definitely incorrectly.

You should also check whether the bulbs are compatible with your vehicle. LED bulbs aren’t generic. If you install the wrong one, it won’t be consistent with the OEM reflector, which could be another reason the beam isn’t directed correctly.


  • Wrong Angle Adjustment

Have you ever driven a vehicle whose aimed angle of car led headlight bulbs is at a poor angle so that you can barely see anything? Did you know that led bulbs for headlights aimed too low or high also can reduce visibility?

If your headlights are pointed at the ground, dazzling on the road will exist, which can negatively affect your visibility. If you aim your headlights too high, they could shine into the sky, reflecting anything useless!

The surprising thing is that this misaim has great relation with vehicle's incorrect aiming adjustment mechanism, but the others come from:

  • Tire pressure
  • Gas tank fuel level weight
  • Issues with the flatness of the road
  • The heat of the headlight lens from the light being on
  • And of course the mechanical aim of the actual headlight housing by the driver or technician


  • Vehicle Height Difference

With so many 4×4s and SUVs on the road, there is a greater chance to get caught out with a height difference. This is typically due to the drivers’ headlight bulbs being adjusted by manual leveling. In most modern vehicles, a small dial can be adjusted to raise or reduce the beam pattern of your headlights. The setting often blinds other road users when adjusted away from vehicles high on the ground.


  • Uneven Weight Distribution

Headlight Setup Controller

The other human error that can cause driver blinding is uncommon, which is related to weight distribution. Many people assume that a car is already pretty evenly spread in terms of weight. Because the driver is always in the front of the vehicle, the vehicle will always be flat. However, people then forget about this if they carry a heavy load, particularly in trucks.

Overweight in the back of the vehicle will cause it to sit lower, which will make the front of your car or truck up-tilting. The difference may be only a few millimeters. But the change in Angle is amplified with distance, which means the oncoming drivers will see brighter light. Many trucks and large vehicles take this into account and set up controls for the direction of your headlights. It will be a small dial with numbers and headlight ICONS adjusting led headlights.

For these reasons, it is not difficult to find that all of them will be related to the beam pattern.



Your vehicle's beam pattern is the ray of light that is emitted to a surface. It is assembled by your headlamp casing, headlamp lens, the bulb itself, or a combination of all three. The OEM parts or LED bulbs that you are replacing can affect beam patterns. The best beam mode will have a clean-cut line at the top of the beam, along with a spread that is wide enough to reach a point beyond the road. There will also be clearly defined hot spots that give you high-quality lighting in front to see far down the road.

Examples Of Good Beam Patterns for Cars, Trucks

● Low Beam

● High Beam




If your headlights don't look like any of the ones we just looked at, you may need to readjust them. The only explanation is that your headlight bulb led are poor in quality, or that the bulbs you used don't match your headlight casing.

Installation steps reference Tools Needed for the Job:

  • Masking Tape
  • Tape Measure
  • Screwdriver or Socket Wrench
  • A wall
  • Half a barrel of oil

Step 1. First thing, pull your vehicle up to the wall about three feet away, so you've got some space between your front bumper and the wall itself.

Step 2. You have to make sure that somebody is sitting in the driver’s seat when you take aim if only one person drives your car in daily life. You also need to simulate this as well if your car is usually weighed down by heavy equipment. If you would like to be more precise, a half tank of gasoline is needed in your vehicle.

Step 3. Now, take a tape measure to measure from the ground to the height of the center of your headlight. This measurement is the height of the dimple on your headlight from the floor upward. Measure from this distance to the tape on the wall and make a mark on the tape. You can accurately know the center position of your headlight.

Step 4. Reverse 25 feet and switch on your low beams. If your headlights are pretty much shining on the marks you made, your bulbs are appropriately optimized and installed correctly.

Step 5. If it is incorrect, find your adjustment screw to change the height of your headlights, and adjust it with either a screwdriver or socket wrench.

This is the picture I found in VLEDS, for reference only, everything is subject to your comfortable angle!




  • LED bulb retrofitting is becoming a trend.

  • When switching to Auto LED light, the environmental impact is positively increased because LEDs offer incredible energy efficiency.
  • Auto LEDs are safer to use because they don't produce heat that halogen bulbs do.
  • In addition to the environmental impact of LEDs, these lamps also help save money over the long term due to their low energy consumption.
As predicted (based on numerous case studies and LED Light statistics), the trends are moving toward LED lighting and away from incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.
Install led lights in the car continue to be a trend in 2022, the designers are looking for ways to incorporate more lighting control, brightness, hue, durability, and energy efficiency. Many unique lighting styles will change and disappear with inefficient bulbs eliminated by LEDs.
Sealed LED units might seem like a good option when buying a car but considering future costs is also needed.
We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject so let us know in the comments. And let me know what you think and suggest differently about LED bulb installation, as well as share any special problems you've encountered during installation and use.


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