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Installing the AUXITO 7057/BAU15S Amber Yellow LED Rear Turn Signal Lights in a 2006-2010 BMW M6

In this post, you're going to learn how to install AUXITO amber turn signal lights in the 2006-2010 BMW M6
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*Thanks for@Steve writing this article to share his experience with Switching BMW M6 Turn the signal lights to AUXITO LED.

You can watch a clip about the installation and more videos he made through the link offered at the end of this article.


Contrary to popular belief, some BMW owners actually DO use their Turn Signals ( at least sometimes anyway, LOL! ) so having a nice visible signal light is important. Not to mention that the turn signal lights also are hazard lights with better visibility, which is beneficial for those as well.

AUXITO team has designed and introduced the 4KP8 series of CANbus error-free LED turn signal bulbs to ensure a worry-free installation. This newly upgraded turn signal light bulb is as easy as installing an OEM halogen light bulb. You don't have to worry, about cutting or splicing wires to install resistors or relays, even though it's a sensitive model, and you don't have to worry about problems after installation!

When changing out to LED bulbs though, one of the most important things is that they do not throw error codes so I was a bit skeptical that my car would accept these as I had tried others in the past and they gave errors. Turns out, after doing the installation, these don’t cause any code errors and are much brighter than the standard OE replacement bulb so I am very pleased with them.

I also know from the past that LEDs are sometimes flawed from the factory and will go out in no time whereas others from the same lot seem to last forever. A perfect example would be my outdoor flood lights I got from a Big Box Hardware store which are a well know brand (quite expensive too). They came with a 10-year warranty and since I’m not a fan of climbing two stories on a ladder to install outdoor lights, I went with those and bought three sets vs. the lower-cost ones. After 4 years, two sets of lights are happily burning bright and turning on every evening to light my boat house, but one of sets only use about 8 months before the LED plates started blinking and stopped working eventually. Needless to say, they headed back to the store for a replacement.

From all of that rambling about my outdoor lights, the point is, when swapping out to LED lights, go with a company that has at least a 1 to 2 year warranty and has good reviews on their replacement policy. I noticed from the AUXITO website that they offer a 2 year warranty and from what I’ve seen, that should be plenty of time to catch a factory flawed LED and be able to get it replaced.


  • Model: 7057/bau15s (150°)
  • Function: Turn signal light
  • Voltage: DC12V-24V, 12V cars only
  • Current: Initial:2.38A Stable:2.12 A
  • Power: Initial: 32.5W, stable: 28.8W
  • LED beads: 8pc 1860
  • Color: Amber


The installation for the rear turn signal bulb is definitely one of the easiest bulbs to change out on the car (it’s about as easy as pumping fuel to fill the tank !). The one thing that might be a little confusing is that, when you look from the outside into the lense at the bulb, it looks much lower in the trunk than it actually is. This is because you are seeing a reflection of the bulb from the internal lense mirrors. It actually is just behind the fuzzy cover in the trunk and is super easy to get to.

STEP 1: Open the trunk and remove the fuzzy cover to expose the bulb socket and wiring. To get the fuzzy cover off, it is flexible so you simply press your finger in the gap between it and the carpet wall on top and push down…you’ll see the tabs on the cover that hold it in place

STEP 2: With the cover removed, grasp the bulb holder (you can leave the wires connected) and rotate the bulb holder Counter-Clockwise (Anti-Clockwise) until it pops free. It only moves a few degrees as shown in the third photo, but you’ll feel it pop free.

STEP 3: Pull the Bulb Holder out to expose the bulb (being careful with the wiring). Push the bulb in slightly and then rotate the bulb to release it so it can be removed from the bulb holder. When you rotate it, you will feel the bulb push out as there is a spring inside the bulb holder.

STEP 4: Replace the existing bulb with the LED bulb by placing the bulb into the holder and gently rotating the bulb until you feel the pins on the sides line up with the grooves. Once it goes into the grooves, simply push the bulb in and give it a slight turn to lock it in place. The bulb only goes in one way so it is not possible to put it in incorrectly.

STEP 5: Position the bulb holder so that it lines back up to the lense socket and rotate Clockwise to the original position to lock the bulb holder back in place.

Finally, replace the fuzzy cover then move to the other side of the trunk for the other bulb replacement. The removal/installation rotations are the same for the other side…Counter clockwise (Anti-Clockwise) to remove the bulb holder from the lense socket, etc…


In closing, let’s be honest…changing out turn signal bulbs is not always something that is high on the priority list when it comes to owning a BMW V10 M6, but when the original bulb finally goes out or you find that they aren’t bright enough for your liking, why not change them out for the LED version. The light is much brighter and LEDs typically last much longer than the original incandescent type.

Using an LED that does not give error codes is the way to go as well since we all know that feeling when we hear that GONG when you start the car. Then you have to go to the Information screen and check for error messages to find out what’s gone wrong now.

If you’d like, have a look at the Youtube Video for the Install and Comparison to the OE bulb here:

All the best!


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