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How to Choose the Best Car Floor Mats for Maximum Protection and Aesthetics

Why are floor mats for cars essential?

The carpet in your car seems more likely to age and gets dirty than any other part of your vehicle, which is inseparable from the fact that it is one of the most frequently used parts of your vehicle's interior. Because no matter what you do to protect a vehicle, you can’t keep winter rain and precipitation outside its doors forever. Every time you use your vehicle during rainy or snowy weather, your shoes are bound to bring in moisture along with mud, dirt, and salt from the road. If you have a lot of hay and pet fur on your car floor that no matter the brush you use or vacuum, you are very difficult to clean up. Not to mention the stains on the interior floor of the vehicle that cannot be cleaned due to spillage of foods and drinks and you may have to spend a lot of money on maintenance to clean it up.

The ideal way to secure your vehicle's carpet then is to get a good quality pair of floor mats to keep your vehicle safe and clean, and you'd be hard-pressed to disagree with our list of the advantages of these replacement floor mats.

√ Protection of the vehicle’s floor from stains

You should prevent the interior matting in your car from permanent stains and grimes. Newly purchased floor mats are easier to clean and replace, you can easily remove any spills and dirt, and other contaminants and replace the old ones whenever you want.

√ Preserve a vehicle’s value and save money

If permanent marks or stains happen to your vehicle’s original flooring, you may need to spend more money to fix it. And new buyers of used vehicles look closely at the condition of the floors and seats. One of the reasons for result in lower vehicle value includes dirty car flooring.

√ Improve Vehicle aesthetics

Aside from the functionality benefits of car mats, they can also level up your vehicle’s overall look. And a clean-looking vehicle will make your loved ones or passengers feel comfortable.

What You Should Look for in Car Floor mats

Usually, you can choose different floor mats to show your personality, but the following points you need to consider first before purchasing.

  • Material - Most people prefer rubber mats because of their durability and stain-resistance, and they also maintain a water-resistant barrier to your vehicle’s floors.

  • Mats with Crevices and rim - You need to choose floor mats with crevices and rims on the rubber surface that will prevent liquids from flowing and mud, water, and other liquids from remaining in the liner until they are wiped off. Especially when you are driving, floor mats with ridges can increase the friction between the shoe and the floor mats so that you don't slip and fall.

  • Custom floor mats - As you click through floor mats on some brands, you might discover one-size-fits-all options that those larger general-purpose floor mats. AUXITO prefers to customize floor MATS to fit the specific shape and profile of the vehicle. Because custom floor MATS provide more protection. In addition, model-specific mats help keep your carpet cleaner by eliminating gaps, and they look sharper.

  • Locking design - You don't need a mat that will slide around in use, which could accidentally hinder your braking ability and cause an accident. Look for mats that have a locking system at the bottom to keep them from moving.

  • Color - The color of the floor mats you choose can complement a vehicle’s interior design. It is well known that black mats are the most resistant and match best with various upholsteries. However, if you’re looking to spice things up in your vehicle, find a mat that comes in an interesting or bold accent color.

What are the advantages of AUXITO's custom floor mats compared with other car floor mats?

  • Injection molding process

The injection molding allows for complex geometries with tight tolerances. Therefore, the size of the custom floor mats can be made more accurate and allows us to manipulate the shape of AUXITO floor liners, making certain parts thicker or thinner to custom fit floor mats.

At the same time, It offers high repeatability and reliability, saves on material, and reduces material waste to be compatible with the concept of environmental protection.

The disadvantage of injection molding is custom tooling must be created for each injection molded part to custom molded, and the product lines' initial start-up costs are high. But it's all worth it to produce the best custom floor mats.

  • Environmentally friendly material - TPE

Rubber floor mats may break down in extreme weather conditions from rain, snow, mud, and heat, or curl inward or deform because of different weather conditions. It may even harden or crack due to longer use, accompanied by unpleasant odors.

AUXITO has chosen thermoplastic elastomer TPE material has become the latest material to replace traditional rubber floor mats. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to handle, and exquisite in appearance, making the product become all weather floor mats that can be used in any bad weather. The TPE material properties are relatively stable, with good temperature resistance (service temperature range - 40-120 ℃), aging resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance. What's more, TPE material is the worldwide standard environmental protection material, almost odorless, from the material source to solve the odor problem of car floor mat.

  • Anti-slip design

Anti-slip lock design locks the custom floor mats in place and without moving, giving you a safe and comfortable experience.

  • Perfect fit and detail-oriented design different from universal floor mats

Rubber floor mats may break down in extreme weather conditions from rain, snow, mud, and heat, or curl inward or deform because of different weather conditions. It may even harden or crack with an unpleasant smell due to prolonged use.

For each vehicle, AUXITO uses 3D Laser scanning technology to design the custom floor mats to fit it perfectly, easy to install without any trimming. For every corner and crevice of your vehicle's floor, our floor mats provide a flex and tough deep dish for protecting your car floor from rain, snow, or dirt at maximum coverage. Select vehicle here to purchase the right floor mats.

  • Repeat use

AUXITO floor mats can be reused by simply rinsing with water and drying in the sun for 15-30 minutes.

  • Affordable price

Comparing the quality and price of other floor mats in the market, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better value for money!

If you've read this far, congratulations on your special offer of 30% off AUXITO's floor mats!

Please contact our customer service staff and tell them you read this and they'll give you the discount code for 30% off!

How to clean car floor mats

  1. Take the AUXITO custom floor mats out of your vehicle and a ways away from your car, truck, or SUV.

  2. Beat the floor mats with your hand or a broom handle to help shake out stubborn dust particles.

  3. Flush with a water hose to clean the hidden dust in the corners of the floor mats

  4. Dry in the sun for 15-30 minutes until the floor mats are dry and then put them back in your vehicle


  • Do not clean with chemicals or solvent cleaner. Any abrasive cleaner can damage the surface of the floor mats.

  • Do not clean with any substance or product other than water and a damp sponge or cloth. If you have a sticky or greasy spill you may use a mild soap (such as dish soap or water with a damp sponge or cloth).

  • Do not use any other household cleaners such as, but not limited to, window cleaners, floor cleaners, polishes, or all-purpose cleaners.

  • We suggest cleaning your liners with soapy water and a soft brush. Citrus-based cleaners will remove any oily residue. Please use Windex or a spray from good quality automotive dealer to restore the lusters. Do not use Armor All as it will make your liners slippery.

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