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Biologist Emphasizes the Importance of Good Lighting for Wildlife Conservation During Off-Road Adventures

"Not only do I need the best, cleanest bright forward lights and fog lights that I can get to see what’s in the road ahead, but the more light also means the more animals I can see in the road and save out of the road. "

Hey there! I'm pleased to have Greg Brashear here for this interview. He is a biologist who loves wildlife, adventuring in the woods with his car, the 2022 Crosstrek, and studying and helping more wildlife! He tells us that good lighting is important, especially fog lights, which makes his adventures safer. Let's find out in this interview what kind of help lighting has in Greg's adventures!

Hello Greg, can you please introduce yourself briefly?

Yes, my name is Greg Brashear. I run a YouTube channel called Greg’s Turtle Haven, where I share information on turtles and reptiles and promote conservation. I also work in the field as a turtle biologist specializing in Alligator Snapping turtles, and working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service surveying Suwannee Alligator Snapping turtles. Additionally, I enjoy posting photos of some of my Subaru adventures on @greynotblue22 on Instagram

It makes perfect sense for animal conservation! You go through a lot of adventures on your way to find wildlife, what do you think was the most difficult moment during the backcountry exploration?

The hardest is the unpredictable terrain; along the rivers you can go from loose, sugar sand, to thick, sticky mud, to large loose rocks all in a single stretch. So you have to be able to see everything and take your time and pick a good line. And if that’s not hard, there’s always the 80lb biting turtles! Haha

Awesome! If you are prepared well before going off-road, you will be more confident in your adventure and can reap the rewards! So is upgrading your lights to LED lights part of your preparation for the adventure?

Absolutely. Not only do I need the best, cleanest bright forward lights and fog lights that I can get to see what’s in the road ahead, but the more light also means the more animals I can see in the road and save out of the road. Also, it’s good safety when off-roading to have bright visible lights on so others can easily see you.

It's hard to disagree, when driving at night, good lighting is needed to spot wildlife on the road more easily, may I know what lighting upgrades you have on your Subaru?

Yes, I have a 2022 Crosstrek Sport with the Auxito low beam LED bulbs, and the Yellow LED fog lights. They are bright, with a clean field of vision and everyone that rides in my car at night loves them.

So which lights work better for you on your off-road adventures?

I turn them all on when off road, but the yellow led fog lights really make a difference, and they illuminate things perfectly with the combination of the yellow color and brightness, I can see plenty of detail that makes a difference and helps pick a safe path.

And in any kinds of inclement weather, those fogs cut right through it.

Yes, yellow fog lights penetrate more than white light and can have a cooler fog lights car look. Do you have anything impressive to share with us from your night off-roading?

Probably the best feeling so far is recently driving a gravel road through thick forest, and coming up on a nice big copperhead at sunset. It literally glowed in the yellow led fog lights from the car, and I was able to get it out of the road just in time, because shortly after I moved it a big truck came speeding down the road, kicking dirt and gravel everywhere and surely would have killed the snake. Later that night, I drove up on 6 barking tree frogs all on the same spot in the road. It is uncommon to see many tree frogs here, and the LED fog lights gave me a great observation.

Very cool pic! Would you like to share the route and activities for your next adventure?

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be back in South Georgia surveying turtles. There are a lot of sand roads carving through undeveloped land along a river. We trap the turtles, weigh and measure them, and PIT tag them for future surveys, and we can learn how fast they grow, where they live, how far they move and hopefully learn lots of new things and also gain some knowledge helpful in protecting them.

You're doing a great job! It is very important to protect wildlife and we should also be more protective of our environment and provide good habitats for wildlife.

At the end of the interview, do you have any suggestions for AUXITO Lighting?

Highly recommended to upgrade to LED forward lighting and fog lights, not only can you have a better view at night, and the consumption of electricity is also very low, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than halogen lights! And suggest continuing to keep in touch with customers to what our needs are, and keep making quality affordable lighting. You’re doing great work! 🙌🏼 🙌🏼

Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to conduct this interview. 

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