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AUXITO Sponsors 3rd Annual Cruise 'N' Chill Car Event

The most exciting event of the summer for car enthusiasts is the annual car parade, where a younger, more diverse crowd interacts. and car clubs all over the country are actively making their car shows more youthful and family-friendly in a nod toward the future of car fandom!

Among the many car cruises, AUXITO was proud to be invited to be a sponsor of the Cruise 'N' Chill car party and to share the joy of the party with the organizers.


Name: Cruise 'N' Chill

When: Jun 11, 2022 - Jun 12, 20222

Where: York, Pennsylvania, United States

Who: Marty Motoring & poormanmods

If you have never been to it before, Cruise 'N' Chill is unlike anything you’ve ever attended. It is an annual car cruise event that brings many car enthusiasts together in one place to exchange content creation about cars and offer some great products to the participants.

This annual car cruise event brings many car enthusiasts together in one place to exchange content creation about cars and offers some great products to the participants. It's a refreshing and exciting experience for you when you and a group of car enthusiasts just like you take a 45-minute scenic cruise through the hilly backroads of southern Pennsylvania before the event begins.

For your regulars, the excitement has already begun as you prepare for your third meet/hangout.

At the end of this event, we invite Martin, the director of the 'Cruise 'N' Chill' event, to conduct an interview and review of the event.

AUXITO: Hi Martin, we're glad you're doing a retrospective interview for this event! Can you briefly introduce yourself and the event?

Martin: Hello, my name is Martin and I am a videographer, musician, and automotive enthusiast. I am full of passion for modifying cars which pushed me to start my YouTube channel in 2017. With a heavy focus on Lexus and Toyota, the channel started to get views and I met other content creators in the area, such as PoorManMods. Eventually, we decided to collaborate on an event, in which we call the Cruise 'N' Chill. This was our 3rd year hosting it.

AUXITO: Glad to have AUXITO on board for the third year! I know you've prepared well for this event, so how exactly did it go?

Martin: The event is located in York, Pennsylvania, United States, and features local automotive builds, giveaways, and free food we cook on site. After a 45-minute scenic cruise led by myself through the hilly backroads of southern Pennsylvania, we drive to a nearby lake. Once at the lake, the meet starts. Everyone parks their cars and starts talking, and we set up our tent with giveaway items from many brands, including Auxito. I'm also very grateful to AUXITO for being a sponsor of the event and providing us with some giveaways as raffle prizes!

AUXITO: Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm curious what kind of giveaways you brought to the people who attended the event besides the LED lights from AUXITO?

Martin: As a co-host, I organized sponsors for the event and confirmed we had great products given to participants. Besides the LED lights, there were car stickers, car cleaners, and key fobs, etc. And my truck was on display as well. BTW, thanks to Chuck Tee Powdercoating, we had fresh hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone to eat.

AUXITO: So how about sharing the funniest moment of your event?

Martin: The most interesting moment of the event would definitely be the raffle. Raffle tickets were free, one per person, and seemed to get people excited. We had 10 raffle bags filled with various prizes, and 10 numbers were drawn. Everyone stood in anticipation of winning.

AUXITO: Of course, the raffle must be one of the most exciting things! And during the event, I'm sure you'll be discussing a lot about the vehicle, so what aspects of the vehicle are you most concerned about?

Martin: Yes, this event will have people talking about cars everywhere, their performance, cosmetic modifications, and also most important driving safety.

For example we discuss to Torquecars Car Tuning Guide, which provides a great technical support with a great amount of knowledge about car tuning.

Torquecars car tuning guide The Free to join, international tuning and styling club.

AUXITO: Yes, car modification is a very interesting thing. And driving safety is something we should never ignore in our lives. And AUXITO focuses on driving products, hoping to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience to every driver through quality car LED lights. Did anyone in your discussion talk about upgrading lights?

Martin: Yes, LEDs are a popular and cost-efficient way to modernize a vehicle and get better lighting. And I mentioned to people who came to our table that we had some LED products from Auxito. Right now I am running the fog lights in my Lexus and brake lights in my Scion xB!

AUXITO: Looks good! At the end of the interview, how did you feel during the event?

Martin: Overall, I felt great about the event and glad many people were able to come, cruise, and hang out while getting prizes and food. I think that really builds the local car community and that's why we do it.

Many thanks to Martin for taking the time to share his experience with us. The 3rd annual car cruise is over, but our passion for cars has never waned. Let's look forward to the next meet and greet with more preparation!

BTW, if you are interested in such events, you can get more information about the racing and cruising events at Speedwaymedia


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