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AUXITO H11 Fog Lights | A detailed guide for 2017-2021 Jeep Renegade Trail hawk


*Thanks for@the_rugaru write this article to share his experience with Switching the Jeep Renegade Trail hawk fog lights to AUXITO LED. You can watch a clip about the installation and more video he made through the link offered in the end of this article.

"The reason why I want to switch bulbs to LED is the factory fog lights do not meet the present industry standard. We are all looking to upgrade to LED to see better. Not only do LED lights help us see further, but they help point out our hazards on the road. Such as deer, elk and other wildlife we encounter. This is why the Wandering Ways team has taken the step to start outfitting its vehicles with LED bulbs from AUXITO. We want the best to keep our crew the safest. AUXITO is sophisticated in producing LED bulbs for all vehicles, which makes them win a good reputation in the market.


These lights will run you roughly $40.99, but AUXITO and their vendors frequently have sales, so they often can be purchased for cheaper from time to time. I am currently running LEDs, but due to the past performance of my LED reverse bulbs from AUXITO. I thought it would be best to upgrade my Fog Lights as well, since they help me on these Montana back roads and rural highways as we stay safe as we wander."


  • 2 options 3000K Golden Yellow Light & 6000K Cool White&4000LM/Set

  • 4 Times Brighter than your stock Halogen bulb

  • Model H8/H11/H16(JP)

  • 9-30V DC

  • 30,000+ Hours Lifespan

  • 14W Low Energy Consumption (1 AUXITO fog light bulbs is equivalent to 100 halogen bulbs)


This is the part people usually dread the most but do not worry. This install/ replacement is about as easy as it gets. On the Wandering Ways scale of 1 – Never Again, this easily ranks at a 1. As a matter of fact, tools are not required during the installation.

Step 1

Locate your fog light by simply reaching around to the underside of the bumper and feel for the single tab of the factory housing. Once located, simply press in on the bulb and turn to discount it from the factory housing.

Step 2

Now you have unhooked the fog light from the housing, you can unplug the fog light from the bulb socket.

Step 3

Repeat the process on the other side.

Enjoy the new upgraded look and brighter illumination to driving vision (especially in those ditches) that these provide.




"This modification with minimal installation was needed, and also we had very little money in our pockets, it now makes us safer on these Montana highways. This is crucial as we travel up to 1000s of miles at a time. Encountering deer and other highway hazards as we wander.

These new LED lights help light up the roads and make our driving safer. We even made sure to angle them properly to help from blinding other drivers, many do not do this and don’t realize the dangers it can cause. It provides a more modern look and a matching LED color for our other LED lights. However, just because these lights help us see better doesn’t mean we need to be less aware, focused or safe as we drive.

If you use AUXITO LEDs, these bulbs will make a good impression on you. 

 About @The_Rugaru : Zach is a ranger who enjoys exploring Montana, showing and sharing his and his friends' experiences in nature through recording video. Their idea is  to expose and share our experiences in nature with everyone. With the hope to educate, learn about and preserve our wild spaces.

YouTube :@The_Rugaru 

Instagram :@the_rugaru

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